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Audiggle is a freeware song recognition program with many innovative features.



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When you hear a jingle or a song on the radio or anywhere in an infomercial, you wonder how the title is and who played the song sure often. Audiggle offers this service only through sound analysis.

When you hear a good song somewhere and don't know what the title is, you have several ways to get the information for you. But before you sing the melody in more or less true tones a record store clerk, you can use digital song recognition programs. Audiggle is one of these applications, that is still free. Already paid programs appeared for smartphones and other mobile devices, providing a similar service. Audiggle recognizes the songs on each PC, here you can choose different inputs. You recognize a song, for example, analog can be, then you can select the microphone as input in the program settings window. It is also possible to choose the sound card, for example, when watching movies on your PC or Internet radio listening.

The song portfolio of Audiggle is very large and includes, for example, German-language songs. Audiggle recognizes a song, then it displays important data and the performers of the song friends. In addition, multiple offers are made where you can download the song for a fee or in which shops albums and other songs of the performers are finding. You can use also recording programs to save the song on your hard disk. Audiggle shows you the lyrics, and has announced that the singer soon a concert in your area, provided he or the band goes on tour. To do this, you can post the songs also in social networks and services and share with your friends so you can have fun together.

Description of the version: Audiggle

The latest version 1.0.2 of Songanalyseprogrammes Audiggle offers even more features and a revised program structure. The most important change in the new version of the program is the support for Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, you can post the found tracks and share them with your friends. In addition to this change, bugs and bugs, which were to be found in the original version of Audiggle, have been removed. The program runs faster and safer, so that you don't have to hear no good song only once.

The most important changes in version 1.0.2 of Audiggle

You can post • found songs now on Twitter and Facebook
• Removed mainly errors and bugs of previous versions
• Improved and faster program structure

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