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With the free Audacity portable you can record, play, and edit your audio files.



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Audacity portable

With audio editor in the software Audacity portable you can use audio files MP3, WAV, MIDI, AIFF and Ogg/Vorbis edit formats and play. The audacity portable gives you also the possibility to record 24-bit and 32-bit files and edit. Whether you now your audio files on your computer, a USB stick or on your iPod play and edit like, doesn't matter for audacity portable. You always have your audio files and can edit anywhere, where you want them.

The user interface is clearly laid out and is easy to operate. With a few simple steps, you will become an absolute sound Studio expert. Similarly, several help tools available are friends. Recording function, you can record any audio signals and save to your hard drive. In addition, you can filter out unwanted errors with the noise and noise filter. With one click, you can simply change portable amplitudes in the audacity. With the different frequency analysis tools in the audacity you can integrate portable effects, such as bass boost or a Wah-Wah.

If you are a user for VST plug-ins, you can download the VST enabler. This ensures that Audacity portable is also the VST. As you certainly know, VST is a widely used interface for audio plugins under Windows. You will receive several professional plug-ins with the VST enabler in the audacity portable. As you can see, you have numerous possibilities in the audacity portable. In addition, you can take also your old switching collections or cassettes and digitize. It is particularly useful that the editor automatically finds the song tempo and unlimited can undo your actions. The free software Audacity you can download portable on your own website by audio city. Please note that you need an installed codec such as for example LAME for editing MP3 files.

Functions of the software Audacity portable

• Audio recording
• Audio editing
• Audio-In the-/ export
• Frequency analysis tools
• Numerous plugins
• VST support

Background information about Audacity portable

The free software Audacity portable was spread by a software developer group named General Public License. The General Public License published by the free software foundation.

Description of the version: Audacity portable

Who has ever worked with Audacity, knows that the name for audio editing is at the highest level. Now there's an upgrade to the success program: Audacity portable. Just go get your tracks, then immediately do a remix or a breenfähigen file. Using Audacity portable you can edit your files securely on a USB-stick or even your iPod, so you your ideas also can implement "on the go".

Here the coolest features of Audacity portable:

• Easy file conversion
• Easy-to-use
• Typical Audacity quality for on the go
• Individual recording speed
• Simple cut, copy, and mixing of files
• Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and GNU/Linux

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