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Audacity is a free audio editing software. Your creativity is needed.



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Professional audio editing - Audacity Recording Studio

The best thing about Audacity is: it is not only diverse functional, but also completely free. Audacity has been programmed by audio enthusiasts and is a complete open source software for recording and editing audio files. No matter whether you create live recordings, save your old tapes and vinyl records or sound recordings with effects improve, audacity help you.

The inclusion of audio is easy with Audacity and the appropriate hardware. You can then mix the recordings together in different tracks (multi-track). Also import other audio files (e.g. MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF) is very easy. Only protected WMA or AAC file formats are not supported. Cut and paste, transitions and volume adjustments stacked creating different audio channels are only a few of the simplest features of Audacity. You can filter out background noise also with Audacity or edit only specific parts of the sound. You can export the finished mixed audio files in many different audio file formats. For the Internet as MP3 or OGG or high quality WAV or AIFF to burn your work on CD.

Occurring to audacity questions quickly and most efficiently on the Internet. Another feature of open source software and thus also of Audacity is that she is constantly being maintained and improved. Currently, the version of the software is ready 1.3.12 (beta) to free download. The latest stable version is recommended to you to download however: 1.2.6. You can easily install both versions on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows or Linux systems.

The free open source software Audacity

• Recording and processing of sound and image
• Creation of live recordings
• Digitize old cassettes and vinyl records
• Many audio effects
• Multiple audio tracks at the same time
• Available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux

Audacity is part of a community

Like all open source projects is financed also Audacity on the voluntary use of the programmer, donations and here as a special case: about a small shop where you can buy merchandise products. This involves not so much the products themselves, than that you give your respect for the work done for free. There are also detailed guide books, you can buy, and flows from the proceeds of a small part of the developer. Audacity is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Description of the version: Audacity

For all hobby musicians for the recording and editing of music requires a really good software, like you, the new Audacity version 1.3 is the right choice. Audacity supports new features at the time-controlled recording and automatically saves your settings. When you install the system language of your computer is immediately reflected in and also the equalizer greatly facilitates you the entry by corresponding presets.

The main features of the new Audacity

• Intuitive operation for moving and resizing labels
• New default settings for the equalizer
• Time-controlled recording and storage of the last interval
• Automated use of the system language

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