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ATV2000 is nothing more in the way the television to the computer in high quality.



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ATV2000 is a comprehensive software program that allows you to receive many hundreds of television on your computer. If you want, you can take the programs on your hard disk so alike.

If you belong to the computer users who not only work with their device, but also multi media deals that want to use, you're the software ATV2000 exactly the target group. With ATV2000, it is possible to receive all your favorite TV channels on your computer. Requires only a TV card, then nothing more in the way the television enjoyment. ATV2000 offers you a variety of useful features that you will not find in a conventional TV.

ATV2000 is not only a useful tool when it comes to receive television programmes, but also to record. Your computer's hard drive is ideal for to save television several hours in high quality and to save for later use. ATV2000 provides a large number of video formats, you can choose for this purpose. Also the program able to contribute to improving the image and sound quality through the use of special filters, is even significantly over that may be the original source. Also, you can design the user interface with the skins provided by the manufacturer according to your own wishes and ideas.

The developers of ATV2000
The program for the television ATV2000 is completely free and can be downloaded immediately without prior licensing. The American developer draws functionality single-handedly responsible for the development of this exceptional program and expanded Mike crash constantly.

Description of the version: ATV2000

ATV2000 offers you even better support in the new version for different video formats. The adjustment of the aspect ratio was improved, if the original video in the wide-screen formats 16:9 or 24:10. If you now adjust the output window to its size, the aspect ratio is maintained automatically. A useful feature for those who like to see movies in widescreen format. ATV2000 now offers an even greater compatibility.

ATV2000 can now also deal with wide-screen formats

• Adjusting the aspect ratio of an image output in 24:10 and 16:9 formats
• Memory leaks have been fixed
• Improvements to the driver for the recording of video

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