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The MediaPlayer aTunes is a good alternative to other popular music players.



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There is a wide range of music players, which are available for free download at the disposal. Among the alternative MediaPlayer aTunes at any time playing your favourite music and managed.

The new software aTunes is a music player that can always play your favorite music for you. The download's free disposal. You can use for your personal aTunes player all music files and also never lose track of your music collection. aTunes recognizes and supports the audio formats MP3 and MP4 and OGG, WMA and WAV. You have more demands on your music player and want your songs not only play, but also manage can, so the player is you also with a variety of additional features to the page. Among other things, you can create custom playlists and sort. So, you assign your playlists not only for interpreters, but also according to duration or format, so as always to be able to easily find all music files. Also, you can save your favorite songs in a special Favorites folder, which allows an exclusive reproduction of favorites. Continue to aTunes leads a statistics on the most listened songs of your playlists and create your personal ranking of the song thus.

All songs that you download and available set aTunes, labeled with performers. In addition, other existing information of an album are displayed. aTunes is still looking for missing information related to the music file on the Internet. Also lyrics are displayed during playback.

You have no Windows operating system but Linux or Mac OS, so you can download the player for these systems free of charge directly on the Web page of the manufacturer.

Description of the version: aTunes

The latest version of the software aTunes offers you in addition important improvements for a beautiful feeling of the hearing. So you are now installed and updated Plug-in the available. The working speed of the player has also been improved. Also, the playlist functions were reviewed and renewed. A variety of problems of the old version have been resolved. You will read to what they are, best on the home page of the manufacturer. The version 2.0.1 is available in German language.

Important information about the aTunes MediaPlayer

• Innovations and improvements can be found on the manufacturer homepage
• Suitable for operating systems Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 as well as Linux and Mac OS
• Disk space of 26.4 MB
• Popular music formats playable

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