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Atto disk benchmark is the bench program par excellence. Perfect for the simple disk checking.



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ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO disk benchmark measures your reading and disk speed. So you can check your hard drive through its paces. A simple program which is found in the bestseller list for years.

And this is how it works. You have purchased your computer used or fear, that he has become slower over the years? Then ATTO download disc now benchmark down and check the speed of your computer. Super fast and easy.

Atto disk benchmark reflects the individual values of your hard drive in a clearly arranged diagram. So you know with a quick look now, if your computer is still his full speed runs. The company ATTO manufactures high-quality storage interfaces for years and is well known for their quality. With ATTO disk benchmark they brought a free program on the market, which dominates it. Simply and easily apply it gives you clarity about your computer speed. The program measures data packets of 512 KB up to a size of 8 MB. The gray mask offers an easy application that is easy to use even for novice users. In the first window, the hard disk will be shown, just measured. Below you will find the transfer size, who edited the program. Still a window below displays ATTO friends, how big is the amount of data that it measures total. With this mask, you have everything at a glance. Shown clearly with red and yellow chart columns.

In addition, that ATTO disk benchmark has the function, perform predetermined time checks. So you know immediately, if your computer or laptop once should lose speed. This is not only very convenient for frequent users who rely on a fast machine but also purchased for all the a used computer or laptop and want to know whether brings his best performance.

Description of the version: ATTO Disk Benchmark

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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