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Atomic tanks portable got to you with your tank others shoot, to make money.



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Atomic Tanks Portable

In the Atomic you can portable tanks at any time and anywhere against tanks and acquire new weapons. It relates to a simplified form of the game Atomic tanks and is linked to a well-known classic.

Who knows the classic "Scorched Earth", is the play Atomic tanks portable very familiar. It is a smaller version of the Atomic tanks and can be played at any time and anywhere, because it is playable directly from the USB stick. You need so no annoying installation to your new atomic tanks portable to play.

The graphic is simple, and is in 2D. Small tanks are shooting at each other and must survive a predetermined number of rounds to get to the next level. The control unit is very easy to learn, hedoch some dexterity is needed, because different keys for weapon selection, shot angle and shot power must be activated. But the battle-hardened players has already developed the necessary routine after a short time, to to first successes.

The new atomic tanks portable is about the struggle of a tank against many enemy tanks, which make high demands. This need to be shot down in each round Eric and with the earned money you can buy friends always newer weapons. The successes are still scarce at the beginning, but after a break-in period, you have the hang of it and can defeat your opponents. Atomic tanks portable you choose at the beginning of the number of laps, the weapons and the opponent out. The selection of weapons can be new after each round, you with can buy the money-new weapons, that better support you in the fight against your opponent. They try to shoot you but in return. Therefore, you must act quickly to win the rounds.

Description of the version: Atomic Tanks Portable

The new atomic tanks portable you can play anywhere directly from the USB stick. It allows a precise adjustment of the strength of your shot and can be relatively easy to control. After each round, you can you choose your weapons or buy new. You win against the other tanks, do you the needed money and can use to improve your facilities. The opponents are demanding, so you will need some time to achieve initial success. But once you've got the routine, then success is programmed.

That you can find in the new atomic tanks portable

• Weapon selection after each round
• Individual definition of the number of laps and opponents
• Always newer weapons
• Ease of use
• Challenging opponents
• A targeted adjustment of the strength and direction of your weapons

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