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The Atomic alarm clock is an individualized, practical clock that reminds of dates.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Atomic Alarm Clock

The Atomic alarm clock is super handy. Because it online worldwide with various clocks, she will show always the correct time - seconds. So you're always up to date and won't miss anything important.

By the Atomic alarm clock you can greatly simplify your everyday life. You can save all important dates and then once banish it from your head. The Atomic alarm clock will remind you at the right time again, what is still to do it. In addition, you may have even your computer do the work for you. Ensure you set certain commands alarm clock at the Atomic, which then automatically run the PC. For example, you can start a program, change the user or shut down even the computer can be. The Atomic alarm clock will ensure a reliable process.

And the best thing is: you can your Atomic alarm clock to make, as you like it. You can choose between more than 130 skins and thus a customized look give the Atomic alarm clock. Range of simple and practical to fancy and artistically, depending on personal preference. But you are open to all kinds of freedom not only for the design, even the sound can be adjusted individually. You can on the Atomic alarm clock associate a certain sound each date - or but you just take your favorite song as MP3. Then, you can add a matching picture - and the perfect alarm is ready.

The features of the Atomic alarm clock at a glance:

• Always the exact time at a glance
• Reminder of all your appointments
• Automatic execution of command your computer
• Individual design
• Personal sound embellished the alarm
• Replace the conventional Windows clock

Atomic alarm clock as advanced computer clock

The Atomic alarm clock is the evolution of the traditional Windows clock. It aimed to remedy existing disadvantages of computer clocks. One problem of the Windows clock is that often the time is adjusted or the clock is. The functionality and accuracy should be improved by linking the computer's clock with atomic clocks. Also, critics complain the size of the Windows clock, because she was too small to get sufficient attention. Also viewed operate as impractical, since you specifically have to open the calendar for further information. Target of the Atomic alarm clock is to represent the day of the week, date and time in a clear way.

Description of the version: Atomic Alarm Clock

Remember the various appointments and events with the Atomic alarm clock in version 5.9. With the version 5.9 you can now replace alarm clock your Windows clock with atomic. The version 5.9 can play any MP3 file as the alarm tone. Over 130 skins are available in the current version. In the package, the Atomic alarm clock version 5.9 includes different languages. The Macedonian language was also added with the current version.

The Atomic alarm clock 5.9 has been improved in the latest version

• Included in the package 20 languages, from 5.9 the Macedonian language.
• Over 130 different skins
• Now suitable for Windows Vista

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