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You can see the loot tables of bosses with AtlasLoot, before you visit an instance.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.05.2011


AtlasLoot lovers and fans of the game of world of Warcraft on button displays, what items to drop the opponent. The addon is a perfect and faithful companions to survive the adventure in the WoW. It is top suitable not only for connoisseurs, but also for beginners of the game.

If you Warcraft don't know the game world, you should quickly eliminate this lack of knowledge. The game set in the fantasy world is change, through its three-dimensional graphics represented in comic art, in the spell. At the same time you can play it online with several Warcraft players. Character, you can choose freely and with it are numerous adventures next level bring you into that. During these adventures, you will encounter other characters and have the opportunity with them to communicate, act or struggles to carry out.

As an avid fan of the game world of Warcraft, you'll know to appreciate the advantages of the Add-ons AtlasLoot. Now you can get to you, whether it is worth, the next boss to fight opponents. This creates a huge time-saver for you and saves pointless fights. You can the opponent already previously easily scrutinized take, in which you at check out. With AtlasLoot, you see which items of the selected bosses has and you can quickly decide whether or not they are valuable for you. Quite simply, you get also needed additional information, where you go with the mouse over the individual items. The add-on AtlasLoot immediately shows the properties of the selected symbol.

AtlasLoot is a free UI-mod. This allows that the loot tables whenever game are shown by the bosses in the ongoing WoW, if you need it. So, so always, before you visit an instance, you know if it becomes profitable for you. This special modification allows you access to all item of ToolTips. Without much effort it will display Council the drop you and you can link the items in the chat. Main advantage for you is that the UI MOD can be integrated into any map mod.

Description of the version: AtlasLoot

With the current version AtlasLoot, you can a see the loot tables of bosses quickly and easily. You are going for just about the respective subject and immediately see what hides behind it. After the installation, that the modification is displayed at the start of the game. You also get the note on the configuration screen. Make sure that the option "Safe chat links" is enabled when configuring. Otherwise, you can create any disconnections through the linking of objects.

Essential points to the addon AtlasLoot

• UI mod, that can be integrated into any map mod
• Loot tables of bosses are automatically displayed
• Linking the items in the chat
• File size 1.9 MB
• Betribssystem at least. win XP or Mac OS
• Freeware

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