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With the ATITool, it is easy to improve the graphic calculation also for laymen.



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The ATITool is a particularly useful tool if you want to retrieve the last performance of your graphics card. It allows not only the overclocking of graphics chips, but also of the memory.

If you are owner of a graphics card from ATI or NVIDIA and you can heat for the topic of overclocking you should see be sure once the tool ATITool. This significantly easier the manipulation of your graphics card and can help reduce that get a lot more performance out of your system. Your graphics card contributes a significant portion to the speed of your computer, here you should give no performance.

So that you can bring about such a performance in a straightforward way, different profiles that you directly control your ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards are in the ATITool. Simply select what speed you want to operate your graphics chip and what power this to you in the future to provide. Here you can save your settings and retrieve later quickly again, so that you can quickly switch between your different optimized profiles depending on the graphics application and performance requirements. Also interesting is the possibility to perform error checking for the overclocking performance of memory. This starts a test window, in which a graphics application expires. Here you can check whether it comes to the formation of artifacts, and you have to adjust the OC settings of memory.

The developers of ATITool
The useful ATITool is provided free of charge you by the developer team W1zzard. Their work is highly valued in the community, the program has proven in practice.

Description of the version: ATITool

The overclocking of your graphics card is even easier with the practical ATITool in the new version 0.26. All current models of graphics card manufacturer ATI and NVIDIA are supported. Also you can save the settings for the fan speed and the Arbeitsspeichertaktung as well as all other settings in profiles. From now on, monitoring the heat is also on by default, so that you can monitor the temperature of the chips.

The new ATITool knows all current graphics cards

• Storing the clock speeds of the memory chips in profiles
• The fan speed can also be stored in profiles
• Monitoring the voltage for X 1800- and X 1900 cards

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