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With the ATI tray tools, you can keep the overview of all settings of your card.



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ATI Tray Tools

As the owner of a graphics card for the computer by ATI you should not waive the numerous advantages of ATI tray tools. With these you can make the settings of your adapter even easier.

If you belong to those computer users who run a powerful ATI graphics card in your computer, one whose not easy enough to access settings can have. The ATI tray tools now offers you the possibility to make all configuration settings related to your ATI card in a practical way from the system tray. So you have all important functions at a glance, always available and can make even while working quick manipulation of settings. You even see the ATI tray tools and let you inspired by the possibilities.

Of particular interest, the ATI tray tools for you are likely to be even if you want to overclock your card. It is necessary that you can experiment with the possible Übertaktungswerten and these can be adapted easily on the fly. Please click on the icon of the ATI tray tools in the program bar and select the desired clock rates. Of course you can make here all settings, affecting the image enhancement. So can be selected for example of the level of anti-aliasing, the resolution of the desktop or even the alignment of the image. There is also the control of multiple monitors.

The developers of the ATI tray tools
Small ATI tray tools are available completely free of charge. The Russian developer of Ray Adams has worked this successfully for the community on an extension of ATI graphics cards, with which their productivity can be increased further.

Description of the version: ATI Tray Tools

All current graphics card models are supported in the new version of the ATI tray tools by ATI. New features such as the SSAA aliasing, crossfire or also the multi monitor support are now controlled via this useful little tool. Thus, you can perform manipulations on your graphics card on even simpler manner and thus save a lot of time in day-to-day work. The tool is also now clearer in its user guide and more accessible.

The new ATI tray tools support all current ATI cards.

• The tools support all current ATI graphics cards series
• Or lighter Zugägnlichkeit of the most important functions
• New profiles with all the settings for current games

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