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Aston gives a completely new face your Windows screen according to your ideas.



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Aston is a makeup artist for your computer's Windows desktop. Many different skins in Aston allow you to design the user interface of your operating system. There are hardly any limits your imagination and creativity. Many options allow you to individual settings and graphs. All changes that you make with this program, show up on your desktop instantly and without having to reboot. If the changes so you don't like, meet a few clicks, and Aston restores it to its original state. Then, you can start again with the optical transformation from the front.

Many thematic groups are integrated into Aston for the theme selection. You have to choose first the section appropriate for your purposes from this selection at Aston. Once you've decided, this small program indicates promptly you on-screen how these changes affect. To any stored topic, you will find numerous options in Aston. So, you can set with the software direct access to programs or select changing application icons. Also find a selection of animated icons that can also enrich the screen surface in Aston. So, one could say that Aston puts on a mask your desktop, which provides a totally different representation of the existing screen content. You to adjust many of the skins included with Aston with little effort on your own performances.

A free trial version of Aston is available for a 30 day trial period directly to the download. Functionally, the trial version is not limited. If you would like to try out, how you can transform your desktop with this program, you should now click on the download button. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen, and after the installation is complete you can unleash your creativity. This program offers a good variety of design possibilities.

The functions of Aston

• Different skins
• Different topics
• Animated icons
• Changes without restarting
• Easy undo
• Kostenose trial version

System requirements and download

Aston was designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The 30-day trial version is available for free download. This is the download size is just 3.9 megabytes and is therefore little effect on your system resources.

Description of the version: Aston

In the latest version of Aston, you get a flexible desktop interface, you can design according to your wishes. There are new skins and themes that you can modify according to your taste. 3 D objects are displayed to you on your desktop. New is also the support for many languages, which you can adjust as desired. On your desktop, you can now also color change icons.

The most important changes in Aston in the version 2

• Choose from many new skins and themes
• 3-D objects on your desktop
You can get support in many languages •
• Change in the color of icons

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