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AssaultCube: Small, fast and free, here but just as exciting and well as the models.



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Who are looking for a good first-person shooter on the level of the classic counter strike, will not be disappointed with AssaultCube. Fight as a member of one of two elite teams to victory, and that necessary even with an old Pentium III computer.

The cube engine for the graphics and the intelligent use of the available bandwidth are the secret of AssaultCube. Even with an old Pentium III PC or a 56 you can easily play this first-person shooter Kbps connection. Especially on LAN parties thus has a lot of fun, because there are no network problems so. And also the friends of Apple and Linux are not excluded, because AssaultCube is available also in a version for MAC OS and Linux in addition to Windows.

At the beginning of the game you can choose for one of two elite units, fighting for victory in AssaultCube: the Cubers liberations Army (CLA) and the rabid Viper special forces (RVSF). A total of 12 different missions such as deathmatch, survivor, capture the flag are available, and start installation, which is only 40 MB, comes with 26 high-quality and detail-faithful environments. You can always download more environments for AssaultCube, and also goes through the size of 20 KB per card quickly.

And if you want to modify the game themselves like to, you can download the source code under an open license agreement and customize the game. To create your own environment, you can use the map editor included in the game. So how about with AssaultCube times in your hometown and the streets who know you and your buddies? And to train, there is a single-player mode, so you you can make without buddies or a LAN-party of the challenges of AssaultCube.

Description of the version: AssaultCube

With the current version of AssaultCube, some bugs from the previous version have been eliminated, but especially improve the performance of the system. In particular the cube graphic engine was upgraded it a bit and provides a smoother gaming experience. And the derivative of MAC and the Linux version, the best conditions for a LAN party are created, because the system of AssaultCube requires only very little bandwidth on the network and works quickly and effectively.

Current features of version of AssaultCube

• Available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
• Derivative of MAC and Linux version available
• Very small download about 40 MB
• Little resources required
• Runs with 56 Kbps connections
• English interface

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