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The ASIO4ALL does make you a professional musician and gives you fantastic music creations.



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The new ASIO4ALL is a helpful tool to make you a true music artists. If you you otherwise had to struggle with very primitive means, time distortions were between generated and an sound at the order of the day. With the ASIO4ALL, that belongs to the past. No more annoying sound distortion. Also on the notebook, you can create your own music professionally in the future with the new ASIO4ALL. Convince with an impressive music creation. The ASIO4ALL driver helps. By increasing the multichannel capabilities of your sound chips you can't be happy in the future about the music enjoy an untroubled.

The new ASIO4ALL makes a professional from the amateur musician in you. You need more no expensive hardware and software components, the new ASIO4ALL is all in one. The driver allows you to use simple sound chips on your motherboard like any sound card. This is a guarantee for a professional music processing in real time. If you have a conventional computer or notebook, the new ASIO4ALL expands your possibilities in music-making and music processing. For example, you can achieve a latency period of below 6 milliseconds with the new driver. This leads to a real time playback and enables a better musician friends.

There the ASIO4ALL with various language options such as Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. Of course is the current driver in German language available. The sound tool reduces the latency and gives you an excellent sound pleasure. The new ASIO4ALL can be downloaded free of charge here. The installation is very easy, because it has a friendly user interface. You need no special knowledge of music software or music hardware, you also don't need to know what sound chip inside your computer. The program is fully automated, and special settings are not necessary.

The new ASIO4ALL at a glance:

• Audio stream input/output
• Prevents delays
• Minimized latency
• Overclocked many properties of the sound chips
• The book sound quality
• Suitable even for the simplest sound cards

System requirements for the new ASIO4ALL

You need the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP or Vista and a processor from the Intel Pentium 3 for the ASIO4ALL. Otherwise, the program provides only minimum requirements for your computer.

Description of the version: ASIO4ALL

The universal ASIO driver for WDM audio coming for you in the new version with some improvements. This is in particular the program behavior to name a few, if you connects a USB or a different audio device for playback of sound or separating. The current version is automatically switched to the modified device, regardless of whether you remove it or add. Still some known issues was fixed and provided for performance improvements in Vista and Windows 7.

What's new in version 2.10 of ASIO4ALL

• Improvements in access and removal of external audio devices
• Performance improvements in Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Fixing some known issues and bugs

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