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AsfBin is fast and reliable removal of tissue blocks from video files.



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AsfBin is a small tool with a wide range of functions, which can help you to free your favorite TV shows recorded on your computer from annoying advertising completely and quickly.

AsfBin is just the right program for you if you use your computer to record movies, television shows and news. Determined has always been the fact did not you like this, that man cuts with even the commercials here. AsfBin can remedy exactly, by providing all of the features you available, you need for professional cutting of video files. Thus, annoying adverts of the past belong to.

AsfBin works with files in WMV format, a widely extended standard support many recording and capturing programs. If you want to cut your videos and have already available in the WMV format, the work can start immediately. Particularly noteworthy, however, is that you even can save the tedious search for the correct intersections you in many cases: to you don't have to rely only on the work of the great community of AsfBin and on their prefabricated intersections. Many programmes on the television are already stored in this database, cut your videos is a simple matter of copy & paste. It has never been so easy to convert his own computer for a video recorder and to release his recordings at the same time annoying commercials. In addition AsfBin offers an extensive English language help file.

The innovative small video tool AsfBin is available completely free of charge for you and will be made available by the developer Radoslaw Strugalski by radioactive software and consistently developed.

Description of the version: AsfBin

AsfBin holds some improvements in the new version 1.8.1 in addition to the usual easy to use user interface, which will further simplify you working with this useful tool in the future. This includes about the exact display of the time in a video, to a point of intersection should be. The timeline can now be controlled either via the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard. So it's now even easier to achieve high precision cutting.

The new AsfBin allows more precise intersections.

• More time for placing points of intersection
• Are important controls are now equipped with handy tool tips
• The program settings dialog has been simplified

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