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Record of all media directly from the Internet made easy with the ASF recorder.



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Now commercially available cassette decks and VCRs are far outdated. Even DVD recorders are already out of fashion and are deprecated. You can now use the new method of recording directly from the Internet with the ASF recorder.

Hardly anyone at home still a standard video recorder or even a cassette recorder. Most are DVD recorders or even hard disk recorder now. Now you can program ASF recorder also on your PC multimedia content to record and play back at will or move to a completely different medium.

The ASF recorder is freeware and easy to download download button from here. Then, you can download all possible content that every day you encounter any Internet pages, at lightning speed. How often met you a video that you'd like to on the hard disk. It happens very often that you watch a trailer maybe, which you want to show a friend, who has no Internet. You can easily download these things with the ASF recorder and then copy to a device of your choice or you leaves the whole thing just on your hard drive, to later alone once again to look at it. Apart from regular video files, you can download of course also quite normal audio files with the ASF recorder and listen to on your PC. It works like a normal video recorder. All you need to do to start the recording, is the URL of the file in the program to enter.

Surfing and download your favorite files you should give careful however, that you download content no Copyrightgeschützen onto your hard disk. The program runs on all major Windows systems without further problems and errors.

Description of the version: ASF-Recorder

In the current version of the ASF recorder the first approved for you could be fixed. The Russian programmer of the software have added a help for the HTTP proxy settings for friends. In addition, you will find now also help topics for the user and password authorization. It is handy that recorded live content is made searchable to find files faster. Compatibility to different streams was also expanded and improved for you.

Innovations and improvements in the ASF recorder

• Help topics to the HTTP proxy settings
• Help topics for users and Passwortauthorisierung
• Live content have been made now searchable to find files faster
• Stream compatibility has been improved

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