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Asellus WebRadio allows you listening to and also recording of Internet radio stream.



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Asellus WebRadio

Asellus WebRadio lets you listen to radio stations of all kinds and record. No matter what it is. Music - knowledge program, news or what whatever you're interested in: Asellus WebRadio brings you your favorite broadcast via live stream on the computer. The operation is simple: you choose the desired program from the channel list and you can enjoy radio at its finest. Asellus WebRadio allows you access to stations all over the world.

Asellus WebRadio is so easy to use, because it dispenses with any bells and whistles. As one additional tool, developers of Asellus Web radio have included the possibility to record programs as MP3. This has the advantage that you missed no shipment or your favorite shows can hear as often as you like for you. You may attach also an archive on your computer, in which you save off the shows recorded with Asellus WebRadio. Similar to the car radio, it is also possible to create favorite channels, then reach them via quick dial on certain numerical keys in Asellus WebRadio. Then you can immediately hear your desired station with just one click.

Asellus WebRadio is a freeware. Just click on the download button to download the free software Asellus WebRadio on your computer.

Asellus WebRadio features at a glance:

• Enjoy broadcasts from around the world.
• Favorite TV shows to record.
• Recording is automatically saved in MP3 format.
• Quick-Dial function to find favorite station afloat.
• Simplicity of operation
• free of charge

What you should know about Web or Internet radio

Internet radio is a grassroots affair: In principle, anyone who has a computer with Internet connection, develop its own programmes and stream, can radiate i.e.. In contrast to the "normal" broadcast radio you need no license. However some costs while - also for the traffic. This is all the more expensive, the more people hear the broadcast. Who wants to just enjoy and do not themselves produce, will quickly find it. There are countless channels - from the pure Internet channels, which can be operated both in professional and amateur, to the Internet offer great and well-known broadcasters, there is everything. To be able to access all of these programs, you need enabling software such as Asellus WebRadio. Thanks Asellus WebRadio you must not yourself anymore looking for stations, but can search.

Description of the version: Asellus WebRadio

The current version of Asellus WebRadios allows to receive virtually all radio stations in the world. Live streaming over the Internet in improved quality and without disturbing noise: the Asellus WebRadio offers these advantages. Also rewarded the manufacturer in this version with a recording function that allows you to record the current program as MP3. And, of course, also the favorite radio stations can be saved with one click. So, no radio program remains more unheard.

Features and benefits of Asellus WebRadios:

• Receive virtually all radio stations of the world
• Live streaming running programs
• Recording of the current program
• Store radio stations as Favorites preferable

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