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ASCII art machine 1.2 offers many interesting features and capabilities.



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ASCII Art Machine

Everything you need for ASCII art machine 1.2, is a black and white image. This should ideally be in the GIF or JPEG format. The graph reads ASCII art machine 1.2 over the button "Upload graphic" a. You have the possibility to make various adjustments to the brightness. When you're ready, you have to press the "start" button. After you save off the character mosaic in the desired target path. You should save this mosaic of characters as BITMAP, HTML or text file. ASCII art machine 1.2 converts your bitmap images in mosaics of ASCII characters. These are after the original image very similar to. You can use ASCII art machine 1.2 also on your text E-Mail paintings. If your mosaics are done, they consist of a pure text.

You can save the text as a text file or copy it. ASCII art machine 1.2 provides you for various functions. For ASCII make mosaics you can pretend for example the grayscale. Also you can pretend the accuracy of the implementation and the zoom 1.2 ASCII type machine. The photo is converted into a text image by three different methods. ASCII art machine 1.2 takes into account especially the contrasting points on the photo. This program truly offers you many possibilities of mosaic images. Many features make this program are not boring. If you yourself once you type machine 1.2 ASCII, you want to probably don't even make it.

Mostly this type is used, images of the real geeks. With ASCII, you have the ability to construct exactly such images way machine 1.2. You can do a lot with the finished mosaics. You can write also letters in this form or this mosaic embellish Web pages. No limits are your imagination. How you use the mosaics, is yours to decide. You'll love ASCII art machine 1.2, as the word is defined with this brand new design. Limit you off from others and create your own style. Standard texts are boring, but mosaic is totally hot. So you're guaranteed to.

Improvements at a glance

• Included kontratsreiche bodies in the photo
• Makes your images to ASCII-arts
• Are there images of letters and characters
• Converts photos in three different methods
• Supports JPG and GIF formats
• Saves the image in HTML or TXT file

What operating system do you need?

In order to benefit 1.2 all additional features of the ASCII art machine, you need the operating system Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP or NT. The ASCII art machine 1.2 has a file size 1.1 MB.

Description of the version: ASCII Art Machine

In a few seconds and without any effort you can create 2.1 sign mosaics with the new ASCII art machine. All you need is a black and white graphic, which you then invite in the program. ASCII art machine then creates a mosaic of character that matches exactly your graphics for you. Also in the new version you can save then the created mosaic as a bitmap or as text, HTML file, depending on what suits you best.

The main features of ASCII art machine 2.1:

• Creation of sign mosaics
• Use own black and white graphics
• Sign mosaics are stored as text, HTML or bitmap
• In a few seconds

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