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AS SSD benchmark is a powerful software for all tasks of the SSD benchmarking.



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AS SSD Benchmark

You can check now SSD benchmark on simple way a new SSD drive with AS their performance after. Do some test runs and then see you, what's really in your system.

If you your computer system left to just one of the new SSD drives you and care for its precise performance, you should be sure once the software AS SSD benchmark watch. AS SSD benchmark is a useful tool for all questions around the benchmarking of disk drives, which are based on the new Flash memory technology. The program allows you to display all relevant data that determine the speed of a hard disk. To do this, you start a test run, with data on the hard disk are written, read, and deleted after you install the software.

With AS SSD benchmark measured data not only the read speed and write speed, but also the access times among the most important. Let show you which access times your new SSD hard drive can make possible and how this can affect booting your operating system and running of programs. The tool features an intuitive user interface and can be controlled easily by laymen in the field. Will show you a detailed analysis of the performance and you see, in what area you could still improve performance. AS SSD benchmark did you combines all possibilities in a handy little software helpers.

The developers of AS SSD benchmark
The benchmarking tool AS SSD benchmark is a free software, which intelligent software is provided by the developer team of Alex and that can validate brand new SSD hard drives in a simple way.

Description of the version: AS SSD Benchmark

Evaluating the results of AS SSD benchmark in the new version 1.6 now even easier think are you a whole range of procedures available that can automatically do this. All relevant results in a clear form appear you, without that you wouldn't have to look after the details of the evaluation. Also a number of other controllers are now supported, communicate your hard disk with the motherboard and the other components of the computer system.

AS SSD benchmark provides all important performance data of your SSD.

• Enhanced support for new controller
• Automatic evaluation of test results by the software is now possible
• Data can be exported in XML format documents

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