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ArtRage is the Virtual Studio for Designer, designer and amateur painter 3.0 Studio Pro.



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ArtRage Studio Pro

The working principle of ArtRage 3.0 Studio Pro can be explained in a few words: ArtRage 3.0 Studio Pro provides you a series of virtual time tools available, which you can use to paint pictures on your desktop. ArtRage 3.0 Studio Pro focuses namely those who are still real tools such as brush, pins or springs to use so the best techniques of artistic creation. ArtRage uses so-called "sticker" 3.0 Studio Pro for this purpose. Sticker is similar to "Brushes" in Photoshop, a collective term for all the tools with which you can wear Studio Pro color in ArtRage 3.0.

The special feature of ArtRage 3.0 Studio Pro: stickers can be created or downloaded from the Internet. The simplest form of sticker would certainly be a round point. The ability to design your own stickers, allows you however, to create a much more abstract shapes and paint to use, and also photos can serve as templates for stickers. Simplifies small images that you can use when you create a large image motif repeatedly said, stickers are so;

Color is Studio Pro does not equal colour at ArtRage 3.0. In addition to tone and saturation you can choose from also, what consistency should have your colors. So you can work except with watercolor with oil paint, for example, that behaves of course completely differently on the screen. Particularly impressive: Rather than just to select a color from the virtual color palette, you can mix 3.0 Studio Pro colors in ArtRage. How it looks in practice? You select two or more colors, draw them on adjacent fields and then mixed it with the help of a brush. The result is no homogeneous color matte that exactly represents the mean value of the colors used, but a delicate mesh East–West swab with streaks, matter and stronger bodies. Exactly as it would look on a sheet of paper. Get creative now, and you the program here for free download, by clicking on the download button.

A few details from 3.0 ArtRage Studio Pro:

• Build your own tools
• Working with levels
• Realistic color behavior
• Comprehensive support on the Internet
• Available for Winows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (or later) and Mac OS X
• Free trial version available

Test 3.0 ArtRage Studio Pro for free

ArtRage is no software suite that only professionals can afford 3.0 Studio Pro. However you can try the program alone, before you decide on a purchase. The free trial version of ArtRage 3.0 Studio Pro runs for thirty days and provides you almost fully to the features of the full version.

Description of the version: ArtRage Studio Pro

The current version of the fantastic time software has been equipped with many new features. Now you can create your personal works of art on a nice digital screen. In addition, many new painting tools such as spray guns, markers or chalk in this version were integrated. The user interface has been completely redesigned. Now, you can add levels of text in an unlimited number, and format the text font, size, color, and style.

New features in this version of ArtRage Studio Pro

• Completely revised user interface
• Number of new and interesting time tools
• Insert in an unlimited number of text layers
• Formatting the text with different tools
• New filter functions

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