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With ArtCursors 5.17, you can simply bring the cursor to life and make according to your wishes.



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If the normal Windows settings are too boring, much joy will give ArtCursors 5.17. There is even the possibility to create high resolution mouse pointer up to 24-bit color depth. With the diverse editing functions in ArtCursors 5.17, you can create new cursor or change existing mouse pointer. ArtCursors 5.17 understands with the graphics formats BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ANI, ICO and WMF. As powerful cursor editor offers the possibility to create mouse pointer with up to 16 million colors and edit ArtCursors 5.17. Also you can set etc. 5.17 various effects, such as for example shadow matting effect, mirror, smoothing, with ArtCursors to your mouse pointer. You can not only color change with ArtCursors 5.17 arrows and lines. The size and border can be arranged according to your wishes. Numerous editing tools are available.

With ArtCursors 5.17, you can create images with graded and date filling. You can create not only static cursor with ArtCursors 5.17, but also animated mouse pointer. You can save the animated mouse pointer as a .gif file.

An integrated search function, browse your system at breakneck speed has ArtCursors 5.17. The software handles even your EXE files scrutinized. In the library of ArtCursors 5.17, you can save your mouse pointer is created and manage. The individual files can you move with drag-and-drop, and delete identical cursors from the library. You can import and export files in various formats. For each workspace, you can create an individual mouse pointer. So you bring variety and a little PEP to your computer. Also requires the software disk space only 1.5 MB and runs on all major operating systems, such as for example, Win95, Win 98, Win 200, NT, XP, Vista, etc.

Features of ArtCursors 5.17

• Creation of static mouse pointers
• Creation of animated mouse pointers
• 16 Million colors
• Applying effects
• Library
• Search function

Background information about ArtCursors 5.17

The software was developed by the company AHA-soft. Aha-Soft was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Canada. AHA-soft that specializes, to make it easier for users to build originates, icons and cursors.

Description of the version: ArtCursors

The current version of ArtCursors has received some useful and very sinnige new features. You have now the possibility to manage your imported or home-grown and processed cursor a cursor library. It is particularly impressive that you can develop animated cursor and the color depth of the application has been enhanced. Now also a drop shadow, a negative image or other effects can be added to the cursors.

The most important innovations in the current version of ArtCursors

• Extension of color depth for higher color matching
• Greater detail in the animation
• Optimized user interface
• Export directly into other applications now possible

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