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Arovax shield is a useful addition to firewall and antivirus software for your PC.



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Arovax Shield

Arovax shield monitors your system in real time and thereby prevents any changes to the system. So a malware can not even install, because normal protection systems access only if the attacker on the system was found. Arovax shield attacks before, because through the settings an installation of malware can not even take place, so that any change to your system only with your consent can be made. And when Arovax shield is running in automatic mode, all changes will be blocked automatically.

This complete protection by Arovax shield can then cause that also not damaging software cannot be installed. So, Arovax Shield will block, for example, the update from Windows or other software in the automatic mode. But to ensure that your system allows such not harmful software, there is the manual mode. In this mode, you get a notification, what software would like to make a change to your system, Arovax shield and can then decide whether you want to allow this change or reject. Remains the ability to act in your hand, and at the same time, your system is still effectively protected.

Like any good system software runs Arovax shield it quietly in the background and is noticeable only in manual mode with appropriate messages. Thereby, Arovax shield is so programmed, that there are no problems with your firewall or antivirus software installed. And even without any previous knowledge, you can install the software without problems and use yourself as a complete computer novice. Try it best yourself once and download Arovax shield from our Web site using the download function. It is freeware, so you take no risk and get the chance to still better protect your computer.

Features of Arovax shield:

• Windows protection software
• prevents changes to the system
• Deletes malware threats
• automatic or manual mode
• Freeware
• for Windows 98/XP/ME/2000/NT/Vista

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The company under the name the American Oregon is the provider of Arovax shield. The company is a private company and specializes in the development of a new generation of security solutions. Instead of only seeing threats, if they exist on the computer, the solution prevents the ingress of malware and the modification of system files.

Description of the version: Arovax Shield

The current version of Arovax shield software can come up with many useful and very beneficial for the user innovations. This software now more reliably removes any suspected malicious software from your computer and now even helps you secure your files and folders. Entries in the registry are repelled safer so that the functionality of your computer remains and cannot be damaged by malicious adware and spyware.

The most important innovations in the current version of Arovax shield

• Supports the administration of application monitoring the registry
• Trojan horses are reliably identified and removed unopened by the system
• Personal settings to facilitate the logging

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