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Around the world - themes for Windows 7 contains 14 nature shots from around the world.



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Around the World - Themes für Windows 7

The download around the world - themes for Windows 7 includes 14 new images which can be used for the Windows desktop. In the program, especially nature shots to all contained seasons.

With the download of around the world - for Windows 7 themes, you get 14 additional images for use as desktop background or screen saver. The main theme at the download around the world — themes for Windows 7 are nature shots from Poland, Hungary and Taiwan, but also from New Zealand and the Czech Republic. So, you can dream yourself away with deserted beaches of the Baltic Sea, the Nenggao mountains or images from the Serbian nature of everyday life. Double click on one of the motifs you specify this as wallpaper for your desktop. At the same time adapts the color of your taskbar.

Around the world - offers images that come from the pristine nature themes for Windows 7. You radiate peace and beauty and beautify your desktop. The lonely bike at the edge of a wide field, colorful in the autumn, a landscape completely in snow discolored submerged leaves – depending on the mood of the mind you can find the world - themes for Windows 7 at the around exactly the right image of nature for you. The wide selection you can change again and again and there is never a dull moment on your desktop. Around the world - required as operating system Windows 7 themes for Windows 7, can be used also for other operating systems. A Pack program is necessary, that opens the image files and extracted as background images. Image resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels. The program has a total area of 69.7 MB. With the download, transferred the images directly in the image folder in Windows and can be found at any time without problems.

Description of the version: Around the World - Themes für Windows 7

With the download of around the world - you get themes for Windows 7 you 14 packages of nature shots from Poland, Czech Republic, New Zealand and Taiwan on your computer. Expand your image folder to deserted beaches, snow-covered fields and Czech landscapes. Put yourself in another part of the world with the launch of your computer and relax at the sight of the pictures some of the stressful everyday life. Get the world - themes for Windows 7 with the around a piece of holiday on the PC.

Nature shots for the desktop background

• 14 different theme packs
• Close-ups of nature
• Focus on Taiwan, Poland and Hungary
• Exotic pictures
• All four seasons are included
• Large selection options

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