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The aroma therapy program is highly recommended for all fans of a healthy way of life.



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With the download of the program of aromatherapy and essential oils, you make your computer to the virtual trainer. During your private "seminar", you will be introduced to the world of aromatherapy and learn interesting facts relating to the application of essential oils. Prerequisite is of course that you are interested in a healthy lifestyle and aromatherapy. You probably also already made experience with essential oils in this case. You know the so called cold bath guarantees. Base material is here essential oil eucalyptus. You remember the liberating effect on the "stuffy nose", well.

First you need to download the program of aromatherapy and essential oils, by clicking on the download button. The installation on your computer is complete, you start the program. A virtual Guide to (the contents) appears on your screen. This is very clearly designed and easy to use. Clicking the selected button, and already, the corresponding page opens. For example, the button you click on basics, the corresponding page opens. Here you will find some essential information about aromatherapy. The function and the application of aromatherapy describes simple and informative. You can click the button close, then close the page and you will automatically return to the virtual Guide. In any case, you should know the General rules of caution when dealing with essential oils used in aromatherapy. For people with allergies, this can be very dangerous. You will also find instructions for the storage of the oils and what oils for aromatherapy are not suitable here. You can find various information about the button security rules.

The shareware version of the program of aromatherapy is available as a free download. This gives you only limited access to the information on aromatherapy. However this enough already, to get a major insight into the aromatherapy. If you want to know more, only the paid version is you. Via the button order/registration, you can simply use the order.

Some of the aroma therapy programme selection buttons:

• Basics
• Safety rules
• Essential oils
• Carrier oils
• Indications
• Effects

Brief introduction to the use of essential oils

No matter, whether as a bath additive, in the fragrance lamp or used during the massage, essential oils have a positive influence on our physical and mental Constitution. Each oil has its own effect. The citrus oil is, for example, stimulating, while reassuring lavender oil.

Description of the version: Aromatherapie

The latest version of the aroma therapy software offers you now also without a fee-based registration a larger database of information on essential oils, medicinal herbs, etc. Some features are available only in the full version. The user interface is clearer, so that you easily can get your information for you. Information about medical risks and details of remedies were added in the new version in addition. The version is well adapted to Windows Vista.

Characteristics of aroma therapy software 2.4

• Information database extends
• Added information about medical risks and remedies
• New installation system for Windows Vista
• User interface clearly designed
• Full shareware version available for a fee, registration is necessary

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