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The Arminia Bielefeld screen saver is the right thing for fans. With all typical Club logos.



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Arminia Bielefeld Bildschirmschoner

With the Arminia Bielefeld screen saver you're a step your Arminia more absolute Thoroughbred fan. Because with Arminia Bielefeld screensaver you show everyone that you're an Armine despite the many ups and downs with all my heart and stay.

The Arminia Bielefeld screensaver is of course classic Arminia colours black and white and blue and shows cheering fans who cheer on their players. And of course not the typical fan slogan is also missing: your home, your place, your way, your colors. These appear slowly one by one and give you a correct Arminia Bielefeld fan, determines goose bumps. The individual impressions in the Arminia Bielefeld screen saver there to see each image. "Your home", you can see the above image with the fans. When "Your place" a blank fan stand is shown in the about one empty chair an Arminia scarf hangs. "Your way", the screen saver shows the way label that shows the direction of the legendary Alpine a. And finally "Your color" appears with the black-white blue flag.

After the characteristic words of Arminia Bielefeld screensaver with associated images are gone, the logo of the current sponsor with the title appears: your beer. Thus anything that connects you as a fan your Arminia, included in Arminia Bielefeld screensaver. When you get to your club, no matter how good or bad it it just goes, can you Arminia Bielefeld screensaver show that with the!

Everything at a glance:

• Design the characteristic colours
• The typical Arminia slogans
• Photos from the stadium
• Photo of the main sponsor
• Super easy installation
• No sound

Download and settings:

Download your Arminia Bielefeld screen saver goes in a matter of seconds. You simply click on the link and follow the instructions. After Arminia Bielefeld screensaver has been downloaded, it appears immediately as a test run. If you move the mouse, it disappears again. You want the Arminia Bielefeld screen saver as a regular screensaver for your computer, you need to adjust accordingly him under control of your operating software. Even set how many minutes Arminia Bielefeld will appear after your screen saver. Already after one minute or until after 10: 00? If you've done it all, nothing in the way is the enjoyment of your new screen saver Arminia Bielefeld and the envious looks you will put your friends on you.

Description of the version: Arminia Bielefeld Bildschirmschoner

With Arminia Bielefeld screensaver, you're always close to your favourite football club Arminia Bielefeld. When your PC need a break, you can enjoy large photographs on the screen and lean back. The colors black and white blue determine the layout of the screen saver, and before blue background appear in white font tags such as "your club", "your colors", and "your place" and wander about the footage from the stadium of the Club.

The Arminia Bielefeld screensaver in the near future:

• high-resolution, large-format photos
• animated tags
• Layout in the colours of the Club
• compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, me, 2000, XP
• secure download
• fast installation

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