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Armagetron Advanced is an action shooter which makes for lots of fun and entertaining Unterahltung.



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Armagetron Advanced

As a fan and lover of action shooter games, you will have much joy on the game of Armagetron Advanced. Especially, when you play this futuristic 3D game online with several other users, exciting entertainment, excitement and fun are pre-programmed.

Armagetron Advanced is based on the light cycle racing from the Walt Disney Film "Tron". If you don't know the, it involves a small vehicle or vehicle that drags a power wall behind him. Hence the name "Light runner". In the game of Armagetron Advanced, you're a driver or pilot of such futuristic vehicle that strongly reminiscent of a motorcycle. At the same time with friends, still 4 to 16 other riders on the footprint of the Armagetron Advanced game are active. Just like you, they have the goal to defeat the other racers and to leave as the winner of the game grid.

With your Lightcycle, you leave an impermeable wall of light during the ride. With your light wall, you can include the opposing players or press. The radius of action of the opponent is getting smaller and smaller, if you circle it systematically. Is pulled then another light wall, which collides with an obstacle on the grid or touches the outer edge of the game grid - the arena - the enemy vehicle explodes. For the pilots of this vehicle, it then says "Game over" and he leaves.

You have the opportunity to play Armagetron Advanced in solo mode, multi player mode or in the network. You choose the mode "Solo Player", then your opponent of quite clever bots are. The most fun is sure make you playing on the network. Here, you have up to 22 different enemies and can prove your skills and your skill. A major advantage for you is that Armagetron Advanced is fully customizable. There are many different game types and settings, from which you can locate the appropriate friends. Armagetron Advanced round is very short. Within a few seconds, it is already finished and thus offers you an entertaining entertainment and fun at the break.

Description of the version: Armagetron Advanced

The game of Armagetron Advanced is a versatile configurable and makes no special demands on the hardware. The term small but aptly describes the action shooter. In online mode you much joy when your Lightcycle as the winner on the game grid will remain. The project site offers you also a wiki software for the server. This contains extensive information on the client and server operation. On the website of the manufacturer of the Armagetron Advanced team, you can find a Linux or MAC OS version to download if necessary.

Useful information around the game of Armagetron Advanced

• Action shooter game in 3D
• suitable for all operating systems
• free download, freeware
• Space requirement 2.8 MB
• Fun for both the client and server operation
• Is the Armagetron Advanced team manufacturer

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