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Arkanoid: Space ball is a free, playful and visually delightful adaptation of arkanoid.



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Arkanoid: Space Ball

Arkanoid: Space ball is easily explained: the aim of the game is to spin a ball on a group of tiles that explode when touched with the help of a pulley. You win a level then, when all bricks are destroyed. Of course have the developers of Arkanoid: space ball a lot a drop, to make attention also breakout connoisseurs.

Most obvious change is the layout of the game steering. While breakout and Arkanoid older variants upwards were playing, you're playing in Arkanoid: space ball the ball from right to left. Among the other new features in Arkanoid: Space ball in particular really numerous power-ups, with which you can increase the impact of your ball or slow game speed for example. Under the usual tokens, the developers have mixed a slew of special stones that explode when touched or many points. The disc is controlled with the mouse, you can fire the ball with one mouse click.

Clear that Arkanoid: space has to offer a lot of ball and visually: the entire graphics of the game is tailored to the subject of science fiction. So are not only all the menu items in Arkanoid: space ball zeimlich "Spacey", but also the in-game graphics. Your disk is a space ship that, floating in space, shoots objects swirling around. Arkanoid: Space running ball on any computer with Windows 98 or better, MacOS X 10.3.9 or power PC, supports "OpenGL" and can be played as an option with the joystick or a gamepad.

The game in detail:

• Space design
• two game modes
• numerous levels
• Clearance from right to left
• Level editor
• many power-ups and special gems

Arkanoid: Space ball and the tradition of Arkanoid

Arkanoid: Space ball is as breakout remake in good company. Although none is for the PC for many years commercial Arkanoid game more published, Arkanoid adaptations for Nintendo DS or iPhone but prove that the interest in this traditional game series is unbroken. Arkanoid: Space ball is your chance to bring the cult game back onto your computer. And the best: Arkanoid: space ball can as free freeware download, whose only limiting compared to the full version is a hidden discreetly in the in-game background lettering "unregistered version". Has as a guarantor for more gaming fun Arkanoid: space ball level generator and an editor, with which you can create your own levels.

Description of the version: Arkanoid: Space Ball

The fun factor with many new features in the new version of the arcade game was increased. You can now guide you to the area's earn extra life and also stronger weapons. These guarantees help you in difficult missions. In addition also a level's in the new version of generator and a level editor available. The additional effects, as well as the great graphics bring a lot of variety in the game.

New features in the arcade game Arkanoid: space ball

• New: Level generator and level editor
• Additional effects and revised graphics
• Earn extra life and more powerful weapons
• Earn power-ups and great bonuses

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