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Areca Backup

Areca backup you can reliably backup your most important data - the program works incrementally, and offers a simulation function, with which you can test whether a back-up is at all useful.

You should create a back-up on what medium you also save your important files - to be protected against data loss, at regular intervals. Areca backup you can create a backup copy of your files - and in meaningful ways, as areca backup works incrementally. This means: so only the files in advance already a back-up occurred, will be placed on the next pass, which are actually added or changed since the last backup. This saves a lot of time compared to the complete back-up and still ensured that no file "will be forgotten".

The options are varied: the back-up can be applied as a pure copy of the data, as a packed ZIP archive or in other formats - at your request, the archives in the same operation are encrypted additionally. The backed-up data packets can be exported into a network, external storage media or on the Internet. With the integrated Simulator you can check before each passage whether is worth a new backup or are you with your last backup up to date.

Areca backup allows you to search, to consolidate archives and recover individual files be created archives for certain files or file versions. Is controlled via a graphical user interface, through which you can manage your individual configurations: the corresponding file with the settings stored in XML format and can be loaded simply for changes.

Description of the version: Areca Backup

In the current version 7.2, areca backup offers you a number of new features and improvements: you can now transfer back-up files securely via SFTP. Faulty or broken back-ups can be restarted now from the last good point out what brings an additional time savings. Improved compatibility with the operating systems Linux and Windows, in addition expanded the graphical interface and the control over the passive FTP mode.

Areca backup offers these new features 7.2

• Secure transfer via SFTP
• Resume function for the broken and faulty back-ups
• Increased compatibility with Windows and Linux
• Expanded and enhanced FTP control
• Revised graphical user interface

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