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ArchiCrypt ultimate RAM disk is a safe and useful tool, if you have a large RAM.



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ArchiCrypt Ultimate RAM-Disk

There are many parameters that characterize a good calculator. The amount of memory is one of you, but large parts remain often unused. ArchiCrypt ultimate RAM disk offers you many options to use parts of the store permanently or temporarily as a fast hard drive.

The free downloadable demo version ArchiCrypt ultimate RAM disk is a tool which generates the memory partition for a virtual hard disk, but it offers also have much more options and opportunities. In principle you can generate two different types of memory on the RAM RAM disk with ArchiCrypt ultimate: the fugitives and the immortal RAM disk.

As the name implies, you can store data on the volatile RAM disk, which are automatically deleted when you shut down. This can be very useful if you're working with explosive or sensitive records, which should leave no traces on the disk after processing. Files that are on your hard disk are not overwritten when the simple deletion, but marked only as deleted. Therefore you can restore them if necessary. Memory or RAM is overwritten, however, constantly, therefore, ArchiCrypt ultimate RAM disk offers you a useful and safe tool for data that is not intended for every user.

When generating an immortal RAM disk, you can use the files that are stored on it, further even after a restart of the PC. Data that you want to use as soon as possible to save on the virtual partition, simply sliding them into the newly created by ArchiCrypt ultimate RAM disk drive, which you should find in the Explorer window. In the demo version you can have of virtual memory with a size of 50 MB, up to 32 GB are generated with the full version.

Description of the version: ArchiCrypt Ultimate RAM-Disk

The current version 3.0 of the virtual storage generator ArchiCrypt ultimate RAM disk offers some advantages over previous versions. Among other things, the converter function was added to now also a memory card or a USB flash drive as virtual memory convert allows you to. Also you can download at the same time several RAM disks in version 3.0, creating organisational and time benefits you. Finally, the user interface has been positively revised and removed bugs from previous versions.

The most important innovations of ArchiCrypt ultimate RAM disk in version 3.0:

• You can charge at the same time several RAM disks
• Converter function added for conversion of external storage in RAM disks
• Removed bugs from previous versions

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