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With the certificate of work aversion, you can take care of some fun in the workplace.



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If you're tired of times early in the morning to get up and go to work or to school then you can take care with certificate of work aversion for a creative, not serious pause. This certificate prepares you maybe a smile on the face and humorous you can start the day.

You are ill and feel uncomfortable, then you go to the doctor and get a certificate of incapacity for work. If you're but tired and would rather stay in bed like actually, then a certificate of work aversion fill in just friends. You can then submit these your colleagues, classmates or others. Quite simply you have informed your personal environment so your state of mind. Another advantage is that you can imagine from a fancy label for your illness. So put your creativity right early this morning demonstrated.

On the form for the certificate of work aversion, you can get easily through a free download. You simply click on the corresponding button, and the form on your screen is. Establishing certificate of work aversion is just like the original document. You can now enter your personal data and of course also the duration of the disease. To make things easier, you can get explanations to fill in the certificate. You have entered all the necessary data, you simply print them out and give them such as your employer. If he is a humorous man, he will smile and you may approve a vacation day. In the other case you could have bad luck and the small gag maybe ends with an admonition or warning.

Certificate of work aversion is a gag not serious and not an official document. You can print this out of course for your friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Problematic, it is safe only with the stamp. You sure have no from a doctor's Office at hand.

Description of the version: Arbeitsunlustbescheinigung

You can create yourself an insult that looks like by a doctor, with PDF document certificate of work aversion. The diagnostic will hold your employers won't chronic work reluctance to let you work. However, this certificate but ensures some fun for you and your colleagues. The form simply download to your computer and can fill out quickly and simply it. You need an Adobe Acrobat. Another advantage is that the download to a particular operating system is bound.

Useful information and system requirements

• PDF document, Adobe Acrobat required
• Language: German, with fill-in help
• Type of software: Freeware, free download
• Suitable for all operating systems
• File size: 65 KB
• Not serious insurance

Arbeitsunlustbescheinigung arbeitsunlustbescheinigung

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