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AquaSnap offers many great features for better overview and a modern design



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With the new AquaSnap you desire more order, clarity and stylish design for the window you on your screen. What could show only Windows 7, namely the elegant Aero theme, you can install you now on your Windows XP or Vista.

Once you have installed AquaSnap on your computer, a new program icon for bottom right in your system tray. By clicking on the icon with the right mouse button, you can then adjust the various representations over the bar of settings. AquaSnap has also two extra functions, namely AquaShake and AquaGlass. In addition, you can set the modern Aero function that existed only for Windows 7. You can install this on Windows XP and Vista. You can change any Windows Aero for all three versions of Windows.

And so the AquaSnap, AquaShake and AquaGlass functions work. With the AeroSnap feature you can multiple Windows that are open at the same time, arrange them side by side on your desktop. To a mouse click on the bar of the window enough to position them side by side on the desktop. You can make various settings for your AquaSnap, allowing up to eight Windows at the same time side by side can be opened on your screen. The function AquaShake is at least as refined. With a left click with your mouse on the bar of the window that you want to see in large format, you take this window in the middle of the screen and move it quickly back and forth. As a result, all other Windows that you have open at the same time, be closed. The elegant design of AquaGlass allows your window appear transparent, so that they become transparent when the moving across your screen. As soon as you move it with the mouse.

Description of the version: AquaSnap

The new AquaSnap helps you to get more order and clarity on your screen, and it is adorned with an elegant modern design. You can have open at the same time side by side up to eight Windows on your screen. The AquaShake feature allows you quickly to get your desired window in the foreground and with the AquaGlass, your window when you move is transformed into transparent glass window function. You can install you what was available so far only in Windows 7, now available on your Windows XP or Vista.

The advantages of the new version of AquaSnap

• quickly and easily installed
• more clarity
• AquaShake with AquaGlass function
• ease of use
• modern design
• Now available for Windows XP and Vista

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