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In the AOL Instant Messanger you can with friends visit chat, chat rooms and sending files.



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AOL Instant Messenger

With the AOL Instant Messanger you can meet current or new so-called buddies with lots of friends. There is an important function of the buddy. Furthermore, you can see which of your friends are currently online, and you can write to them. In the AOL Instant Messanger you entertain you live with other people, or you're going to one of the many chat rooms. You can be either private Instant Messanger in the AOL by inviting several of your buddies in a common room, where only you you can talk live. Or go to a public space in which every participant in the AOL online Messanger access has. You can get to know, for example, new friends and save them in your AOL Instant Messenger Buddy.

Also you can exchange files with the AOL Instant Messanger with your buddies such as pictures, videos or MP3s. This works in the AOL Instant Messanger in larger rooms, in which several people are present. You just that person pick out, you want to share something with the, and click on "send". To always know, when a buddy of yours goes online, you will receive a notification when something in your buddy does. If a buddy is not once online and you still want to write something he, that is also no problem. With the offline messages, your buddy receives the message as soon as he is back online. If you are also a customer at AOL, the AOL Instant Messanger notify you automatically of newly received E-Mails. To be always informed, you can track current news and stock quotes in the AOL Instant Messanger.

You can download here for free AOL Instant Messanger at us. Click on the download button to start downloading. After the download is completed, you can directly go and add your friends to the list.

The most important functions in the AOL Instant Messanger:

• Chat with friend
• Get an AOL E-mail address as non-AOL customers
• Meet other members in public chat rooms
• Send files to your friends or in chat rooms
• Read important news and stock ticker
• Receive notifications for new emails

The emergence of the AOL Instant Messanger:

AOL Instant Messanger was developed by the major American Internet company AOL to the simple chat with friends. The software abbreviated often with AIM now belongs to the most important chat platforms. The program has been developed steadily until 2009 and is with the version up-to-date.

Description of the version: AOL Instant Messenger

AOL Instant Messenger, you're connected with your friends. And you don't have to even more between various chat clients and social networks switch back and forth: combines all major applications in the current version of AOL Instant Messenger and lets you check with a view on new messages. The new version offers you now also have the possibility to check your ICQ messages using a Messenger.

The new features and benefits of AOL Instant Messenger:

• With friends reading from on the road
• Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. at a glance
• Now available for your friendships in ICQ can be used!

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