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Anvil Studio 2009 11.01 offers you easy composing, playing and saving of own songs.



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Anvil Studio

The simple program anvil Studio 2009 11.01 is ideal for composing your own pieces of music using MIDI and WAV files. The software provides several editors for lyrics, piano, drums, loops, and other events. In the editors, you can add a Mulit-level loops, import audio samples, and playing them like drums. Anvil Studio 2009 11.01 offers you dynamic changing of your songs, while you play them, you can edit already. You can enter notes in the anvil Studio 2009 11.01 through an external MIDI device, a guitar or piano-screen or simply via drag and drop. If your monitor has a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, you can simultaneously display up to 25 tracks. You can zoom all notes and wave data, and at the same time see. Still, you have the option to play single notes with the mouse and so easier to locate them.

The anvil you can adjust all the settings in the song dynamically Studio 2009 11.01, even while the song is playing. All MIDI files are loaded Studio 2009 11.01 as quickly as possible in the anvil, which offers you an optimal editing at a high speed. The integrated metronome includes the pace for Lead-Ins and special accent beats. You can use so-called cue points for a fast positioning within the songs. With the built-in playlist you can play for hours on end Music Studio 2009 11.01 in the anvil, to give you inspiration for example. Anvil Studio 2009 11.01 offers you the opportunity to put shortcuts to your own method of working to make certain you. In the free version of anvil you can record one minute Studio 2009 11.01 audio files in length. The program supports either mono or stereo sound.

Studio 2009 11.01 you can download here free of charge trial version of anvil at us. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of anvil Studio 2009 11.01:

• Edit your own music in piano and drums editors.
• Save your songs in MIDI or WAV.
• Use MIDI devices to the touch input.
• Dynamically changing all the settings in the song.
• Use the integrated metronome for the clock.
• Take up to one minute per song in the trial version.

The development history of anvil Studio 2009 11.01:

The program of anvil Studio 2009 11.01 has been programmed by Willow software developers. The idea behind the software was to give a simple, yet professional way to the easy composing of song composers. In the version 11.01 is the program up to date and is constantly evolving.

Description of the version: Anvil Studio

If you compose music in WAV or MIDI format and record, edit or reproduce want, then anvil is the right choice for you Studio in the new and improved version. As a beginner, you can learn with the program notes, and if you are already advanced, then you can create your own compositions, inferior with new effects and play and almost have a complete recording studio in mini format with the current version.

Features of the current version of anvil Studio 2009.11.08

• updated software for composing music
• Recording and playback in either WAV or MIDI format
• includes enhanced engine for learning notes
• new, extensive editing capabilities

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