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AntiVir - Avira free antivirus offers private users a free protection against pests. Free download!



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AntiVir - Avira Free Antivirus

Protect your computer from malware, viruses, Trojans, and other pests. The all-round protection for your PC - free.

When you browse the Internet, faster than you think come with dangerous pests in contact. You have installed Avira AntiVir personal - FREE on your computer, your PC has a basic protection. While you're on the net, the program Avira runs constantly in the background AntiVir personal – FREE. As a guard dog, it stops the viruses and makes it harmless. Thus preventing Avira AntiVir personal - FREE, that they can perform their malicious work on your computer. The new version of Avira AntiVir personal - FREE features of the so-called generic repair. This means that Avira AntiVir personal - FREE repair your PC and thoroughly. She tracks down still remains of the pests, for example in the Windows registration database - and crush them. Who wants to go completely safe, can check files, a new download, or an entire folder even with a few clicks.

Avira AntiVir personal - FREE has accelerated the installation, so you can benefit more quickly from the virus protection program. The express installation is friends with five mouse clicks. Clicking on the download button of Avira AntiVir personal - FREE and downloading the software. You uninstalling the old version, if you should have previously worked with this. Then, you install the new version of Avira AntiVir personal - FREE, and already, the virus scanner is ready for use and you can surf safely on the Internet. Want you before closer inform you on the progress of the download and installation, that is also no problem.

Avira AntiVir personal - FREE has in its latest version of the program interface refreshed, so that the operation is even simpler.

More Avira AntiVir personal - FREE functions:

• Basic protection for your PC
• automatic and custom installation
• repairs PCs automatically
• Express installation with 5 clicks
• automatic update feature
• for private customers free of charge

The Avira AntiVir personal - FREE history

The Avira GmbH with its headquarters in Tettnang/Lake Constance is among the leading providers of security solutions for private and professional users. It develops the solutions themselves and can look back on over twenty years of experience. The Avira GmbH has developed the freeware Avira AntiVir personal - FREE. As one of the first companies she installed programs on the market, recognized the also-Dialer. She was awarded several times.

Description of the version: AntiVir - Avira Free Antivirus

As proved in various tests, your computer is through "Avira AntiVir personal - free antivirus" also still well protected from viruses and spyware. The ability to browse files by hand comes to the realtime scanner. Also, is now working the repair function more thoroughly, this helps you to keep malicious programs in depth from the hard disk. As a whole, so the effectiveness was increased substantially. It also made changes to the interface, which is designed to simplify the use.

Advantages of Avira AntiVir personal - free antivirus

• Continue to consistently without cost
• Effective protection against viruses and spyware
• Real time scanner and single-target search
• Generic repair for comprehensive system stability

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