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Anti-twin is the ideal program for detection of duplicate files and a useful cleanup help.



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Many computers are slow and sluggish over time. Mostly it's the large memory consumption by useless data, example fashion if files are stored twice. With anti-twin you can automatically find duplicates and delete.

Many people resent the increasing paralysis of the computer, the problem is particularly easy to fix if it cleans up the files clutter on your hard disk every now and then. There are more and more useful applications such as, for example, anti-twin, providing a useful cleanup help. Anti-twin rummages for files that were accidentally double stored on the computer. This happens every now and then, such as when transferring data packets from a partition on the other or simply backup copies. You can save many sense occupied gigabytes disk space by deleting unnecessary duplicates with anti-twin without having to extensively search in Explorer for double files.

While the anti-twin freeware offers a further advantage, because it analyzes not only the names of the files, but demand also their content. As a result you can compare each file in a byte fine mask, whether with double under a false name have crept. Often the operating system due to the respect for the uniqueness renames just the name of the copies in the register, if there is a file with the same name in the same folder. You can separate only hard these in the standard Explorer search, therefore, anti-twin offers you the right answers. With the freeware program offers a very clean and user friendly interface and an integrated "delete" function. If the storage capacities are slowly going to tilt, anti-twin is a must for the erlahmten computer!

Description of the version: Anti-Twin

The latest version of the duplicates Aufspürers anti-twin 1.8 d is now also available as portable version for the Smart PC or mp3 player. In addition, the interface of the program was modified and removed bugs and errors of the previous versions, so you can more effectively use the program. The functions were not greatly changed to where the previous version zruückgegriffen has tried. The program suited for detecting duplicates and offers such a help for computer optimization.

The most important innovations of anti-twin 1.8 d version

• Have been largely removed bugs and errors of the predecessor
• Improved program structure and a modified interface for more comfort in finding
• Portable disk available

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