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Anno 1701 - patch updated and improved individual features of the strategy game.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

ANNO 1701 - Patch

With the ANNO 1701 - patch are some serious changes in the strategy game made. Especially in the field of the multiplayer mode, there are revisions. The changes of the previous patches are included.

Associated with your ANNO 1701 - patch is the iconic strategy game to version 1.04. Thus a compatibility for the multiplayer is "The curse of the Dragon" games with the add-on. Even if you add on does not have this, which is patch ANNO 1701 - to you advantage. Because so you can compete against players, that addon have a compatibility with the. Without the patch, which is not possible.

If the ANNO 1701 - patch of the first patch, which you download for the game, so you will get also the innovations of the previous patches. To change some features of the strategy game. So partnerships dissolve automatically after the destruction of one of the alien races, patrol points are no longer being skipped, fixed the damage of the trade routes through uploading of scores, the reactions of vessels have been improved, all landmarks of the peoples can no longer be destroyed by disasters and also as a player you new possibilities. You can decide ANNO 1701 - now even patch the update with the, how many victory conditions you want to meet. You can manually turn off clouds and interface. Another new feature is that if you sunk it, Pirate ships will leave debris and also for the graphics a lot has been changed and revised.

The download has a file size of 117 MB. The prerequisite is the Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista operating system. German is the language of the patch, the instructions are easy to understand.

Description of the version: ANNO 1701 - Patch

Which includes some changes and improvements for the eponymous strategy game ANNO 1701 - patch. Now your player name and password appear in multiplayer mode now also in the client operations and also the delayed memory and the display problems have been revised. Also the requirements increase with the patch. The fleets of the Queen are stronger than before and the ships of your opponents can no longer be hacked. Ingenuity is needed here.

Innovations by the ANNO 1701 - patch

• Improvement of the multiplayer mode
• Increase the quality of graphics
• Team victories are now possible
• Interface and clouds can be parked for screenshots
• Adaptation of the storms on the island sizes
• Immunity of landmarks

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