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Anno 1404 - patch brings the popular business simulation on the last stand.



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Anno 1404 - Patch

In anno 1404 couple you tomorrow - as well as the West, etablierst economic relations and make for satisfied residents. With the Anno 1404 - patch you bring the game up to date.

Anno 1404 - patch updated the business simulation that puts you in the 15th century. Your task: Each open-a people in the Orient and the Occident to settle and economic relations between the two peoples and expanding. For this purpose, you can build buildings and do your best, to satisfy the needs of residents: education, health and adequate food supplies are the pillars of a successful reign. Certain buildings can be built only in a particular location - so sugar and paper mill need immediate access to a body of water, to be able to do its job. Through taxes and trade in manufactured goods, to make money that you invested in useful things or projects: exploring the world with expedition vessels is important in order to tap new resources and to create expansion spaces. The demands of the population grow steadily and require a lot of skill in dealing with their needs you - decide your leadership over the course of the game.

In addition to a single campaign with eight levels, there is the possibility to play individual scenarios, you can individually choose which difficulty level. Who wants absolute freedom, which can dare even an endless game – here, there are no time limits. The graphics is very detailed and lovingly animated represents the activities of the inhabitants - there is always something new to discover. With the Anno 1404 - patch also known issues culled.

In contrast to similar real-time strategy games, providing mainly military activities in the foreground, the Anno series puts the priority has always been on economic aspects. There are also military elements, which play a relatively minor role. Anno 1404 - patch updated the fourth representative of the renowned anno game series.

Description of the version: Anno 1404 - Patch

The problem with the poorly-written store stands was eliminated, also scores of user scenarios allow now to start on other PCs. Also, a warning with information is now emitted when the memory reaches a critical level of load. The two items of "excellent Hanse Builder" and "Imperial Cathedral Builder" can be obtained from the immediately easier. One discovers a hidden order, this is not more than failed. Several bugs in the achievement system now belong to the past.

The update to version 1.3 brings you these innovations

• No more failed storing
• Warning critical RAM utilization
• Special items can easily be unlocked
• Load error when user scenarios has been fixed
• Hidden, but not found jobs are no longer as a failure
• Corrected errors when the achievement system

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