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Angel writer is a compelling solution for easy creation and formatting of texts.



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Angel Writer

With Angel writer, you can professionally edit your texts. All functions are available here via drop down menus or buttons and include all the essential functions to write a text with Angel writer and fashion. The language selection and options you can set to the program installed first in English in one of eight languages available, naturally including German, here. Buttons in Angel writer available functions are Windows default icons and easy to detect, so you can get started immediately after installation with the creation of your first text.

In addition to selecting font style and size, you can change with Angel writer representing bold, italic, and underlined letters and words and between left - and right-flush, centered alignment and justification. Per paragraph or for the entire text you can set a framework, as well as a background image. Inserting graphics, images and tables is as simple as inserting hyperlinks with Angel writer. Using the drop down menus are the date and time as predefined fields available, more Einfügemöglichkeiten consist of a horizontal line, a page break, and symbols.

The entire operation of Angel writer strongly reminiscent of earlier or simplified versions of professional word processing programs, but without the overhead of features, most users do not need, which is rather reserved for the power users. Who wants to create just texts and provided with a simple formatting, which definitely has the right product in the hands of Angel writer. This can over the drop down menus or buttons of course include also a bulleted / numbered and change the indentation and line spacing. Best you try Angel writer myself once and convince yourself of the sufficient functions for writing and formatting. You can feature download Angel writer directly from our page about the download and install.

Features of Angel Writer:

• Text editor
• the basic formatting options
• simple, intuitive operation
• Storage in various standard formats
• Freeware
• for Windows 95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003

Background information on Angel writer

The word angel writer is a development of the angelic software founded in 2002 out of Russia. The company is focused on the development of application software and pursues the aim to expose as much as possible to function in a simple way.

Description of the version: Angel Writer

With the new version of Angel writer, you have a word processing program that dispenses with unnecessary and tedious functions. Of course there are the really important and necessary tool for text input and formatting. In addition, the new version of the word processor can insert pictures, tables, and Internet links in the text document. As usual stored your texts in TXT, RTF and HTML formats.

Overview of the functions of the new version of Angel writer

• Tables, pictures and Internet links can be inserted in text documents
• Opening and saving in TXT, RTF and HTML formats
• Clear feature selection for text editing

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