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Especially the skins feature makes your analog clock 2.03 to something very special.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013


The analog clock 2.03 can be operated in three modes of representation. Both the standard and the transparency mode you can make color settings for the border color of the clock, the background color and the text display. Even the color of the strokes of the schedule is determined. In both modes, the analog clock 2.03 also offers a number of pointer settings. Here can you not only separately for hours, minutes and seconds that specify color, but also, what is the length and the width to have the pointer. You can also display the date and also the time in digital form. Here, you can customize also the text size of this digital displays.

The analog clock 2.03 shines but also with many detail settings. You can specified what diameter has the clock, how strong the margin should be, or whether the clock before other Windows on the desktop in the foreground should stay. In the menu, you can specify whether there should be a sound on the hour or even the full minute. If you choose "transparent" for the display mode you can be selected to the degree of transparency of the analog clock 2.03 per value.

While the analog clock 2.03 has a wide range of functions, but their hunger of memory is low. The processor load is hardly noticeable especially in the stand-by mode of the analog clock 2.03 and relieves the system resources. You can take the presets of the clock on your other systems, so you need to give your desktop PC, nor your notebook or NetBook on the functions of the analog clock 2.03.

Other functions of the analog clock 2.03:

• Supports multiple default sets
• Fully configurable
• Low processor load
• Part of transparency possible
• Freely definable alarm times
• Wide range of skins

How to develop the community analog clock 2.03

You can design your own skins for the analog clock 2.03 and send it to the manufacturer. So you can share your designs with all other users of the analog clock 2.03 and can admire your work in the skins collection on the Internet. Throw in a graphics program and create a normal image file, already you can use them in the analog clock 2.03. Here are no limits your imagination: the clock can be a rectangular format, you can map wrist watches or clocks and your favorite photos you may also use. This is especially interesting if you do not change the desktop background can be the administrator.

Description of the version: Analoguhr

With the current version of the analog clock, you can design your very own clock for your desktop. You has the selection with the background color, the size and the frame according to your taste. While the application is very small, so she require little space. You can also choose skins and change the transparency. The analog clock finally saves up to five alarm times.

This offers you the new analog clock 2.03

• Free adjustment of colors, frame design, transparency and the skins
• Up to 5 individual alarms einspeicherbar
• Small file size
• Available skins of other users on the website for free download

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