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The Anaglyph Maker helps you to make your own pictures as three-dimensional images.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Anaglyph Maker

Dream is to be able to showcase your own photos, three-dimensional. With the Anaglyph maker, you get a software which allows you in a few steps. Here you can see different options and image correction measures select and manually individually all three levels.

In the movies they have begun long: movies in 3D, where you have the feeling with a matching 3D glasses, to be in the middle of the action. 3D photography is now effectively used in advertising. With the free software-Anaglyph maker, you now have the possibility to three-dimensional images on your PC. Anaglyph maker is straight forward in the application. Being designed the program in English, English language skills are necessarily beneficial.

If you have installed the program on your PC, just download one of your photos in the program. A total of six different conversion options available are friends. Also, you can customize even brightness and contrast with the Anaglyph maker. Then simply click on the button "make 3D image" and already the automatically creates a third dimension Anaglyph maker. Now, you have the option to manually edit each level to achieve better effects. You can also see the three-dimensional representation, which creates the Anaglyph maker, you need 3D glasses. If you not want to buy at the optician you can build them yourself. There are instructions on the Internet.

The Anaglyph maker easily works under the Windows operating systems Windows NT 3.5, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The download size of something more than 729 KB not be charged at all your system resources. Of course your not quite as effectively as the three-dimensional movies are images that you create with the Anaglyph maker, 3D, but you can create surprising effects that definitely.

Description of the version: Anaglyph Maker

The Anaglyph Maker 1.08 version offers numerous features, improvements and bug fixes. The latest version of free image editing program gives you the option to turn your own digital photos into three-dimensional images. This software is distinguished by different options and a very easy to use. A simple click is enough to put the 3D-Umwandlung underway. The result still does not match your expectations, you can by simply manually editing each level. 3D glasses is required for viewing.

Make your own three-dimensional images with the Anaglyph maker

• Six different options for converting to 3D
• Easy upload of your own digital images into the program
• Possibility of correction of contrast and brightness
• Conversion with a single click
• Manual reworking of individual levels

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