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The amore screensaver offers funny animated graphics, so much fun for the break.



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Amore Bildschirmschoner

Not only for young lovers of amore screensaver is a nice change of pace. If you have fun well made computer animation, you should download just the amore screensaver. Amor whizzes through the image, because his first task at the amore screensaver is to chase away the evil devil. He has completed this task and freed the airspace from all disturbing elements, of amore screensaver in a park sends him. Here it is teeming with couples who are too shy to talk to each other. You can imagine safely, what of amore screensaver now required by your little Cupid. He must shoot the love in the heart of park visitors with targeted arrow shots.

The amore screensaver has a very good graphical representation, and the animation of the characters is very well implemented in this screen saver. You have to beware that this little runt in you not too suddenly awakens feelings. The amore screensaver is very colourfully decorated and with his computer graphics somewhat reminiscent of the eponymous game. A very funny idea would certainly be fitting for Valentine's day or other anniversaries for couples too give away the amore screensaver. Of course, you must have access to the computer of the recipient for this, so that you can install this extraordinary screensaver as a surprise.

The amore screensaver is available for free download on the Internet. If you want to see, what's doing Amor, now just click on the button "Download" and follow the instructions that appear on your screen. The insertion in the Windows screen saver selection is done automatically. Then to customize the amore screensaver on your personal preferences and click with the left mouse button on your desktop. Choose the menu item "Properties" and then the "Screen saver" tab in the opening selection. With the pull-down menu, you choose the term "AmoreSreensaver" now. Now, you can determine even the waiting time after which the screen saver is activated.

Installation and configuration of amore screensaver

• Free download
• Setup Wizard
• Automatic insertion in the appropriate Windows directory
• Easy configuration via the menu "Properties" of the desktop
• Pull-down menu for easier finding of screensavers
• Freely selectable waiting time

System requirements

The amore Screensaver works on almost all known Windows operating systems, starting with Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and 2003 to Windows XP. The download file size is 1.9 MB. The screen resolution must be at least 800 x 600, so that the graphics can be optimally displayed.

Description of the version: Amore Bildschirmschoner

With this screensaver you distribute romantic mood to your PC. The cute cartoon graphic shows Cupid and his small devilish adversary, that he sits down with bow and arrow and driven. Typical is the sweet appearance of flirtatious comic couples, which enflamed Amor for each other by his arrows, and modelled on the eponymous computer game. The colorful and cheerful colour scheme ensures that spring fever at work.

Amore - the animated freeware screen saver

• The Freewaredatei is available for free for fast download
• Spread spring fever in the workplace
• The graphics are sweet comic style as the same name game

bildschirmschoner Amore Bildschirmschoner amore-bildschirmschoner

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