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The shooter game America's Army boasts a revised graphics and many new extras.



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America's Army

The freeware-3D shooter America's army is a Multiyplayer shooter, which was designed by the U.S. military, to improve the image of the military. In the new version of the game has much changed and reworked.

As a result of the revisions, a new detailed graphics available suits you first of all. Unreal resulting new light and shadow effects, as well as the 3 engine. The scoring system has been redesigned by the game developers.

Before you can start in the game America's army, you must first pass the basic combat training. Here you can make you ever known with the control. Also a shooting range available here. So you can try many weapons in a weapons course. The training ends with a short practice and already it is in the virtual war. Here cities scours, hostages freed and also to fight terrorists. Up to 26 players can compete in America's army. So, a team of fire resulting from four men. A squad then formed from three of this group and is led by a leader or commanded. So, every soldier can take over a specific function, such as contactors, squad leader, grenade launcher soldier. So you gain a high level of service, you need to develop many experience points. Also the weapon selection depends on your experience points. To achieve a higher rank, it is necessary that you naturally cut down many opponents. Also with the healing of wounded soldiers, you get bonus points. Make always sure you kill any disabled enemies, because this is against the rules, but brings the points deductions.

With a very good Internet connection, as well as helpful and motivated competitors, America's army will give you lot of fun.

Description of the version: America's Army

The new version of the 3D-Shooters has a new unreal 3-engine graphics, as well as many new interesting features. The game has been completely revised. You will find here new lighting, graphics and sound effects. In addition, the complete scoring system was redesigned. In addition, now also the missions can be easier schedule with your colleagues. In the multi player battle you can then explore different cities with your soldiers, free hostages and of course you don't have to fight many terrorists.

New functions and features in the shooter game

• New unreal 3 engine graphics
• New light and shadow effects
• Completely revised scoring system
• New sound effects
• Completely revised basic combat training
• New health metrics tracks

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