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AMCap offers many opportunities to make a snapshot of a video signal. Free download!



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Sometimes it is looking after a nice snapshot, because you can use the image for an invitation or a thank you. If you use AMCap, you never got back this problem. AMCap gives you the possibility to make a snapshot from any video source on your PC and save it in an editable format? The handling is very easy and opens up almost by itself.

The download and the installation of the programme be carried out quickly and easily. Immediately after the program AMCap searches on your computer for available video signals from sources such as TV cards or webcams and pops up a window with the available signal. Everything else within the program is then despite the English interface of AMCap almost self explanatory. There are ways of setting for the image format and image playback. The recording for the images is activated with the program StillCap, which is part of AMCap. In doing so, the current image of the video source snapshot is taken and can be saved.

Through different filters you can prepare accordingly the original signal, for example the video signal of the webcam with AMCap for snapshot. So you can show different frame elements in the foreground of your snapshot and make it such as a post card with your image. Alternatively, flowers, the jungle or a television set as a frame in AMCap is available. You can make additional settings for the snapshot of the filters. As a result, the snapshot appear at once like an old, yellowed image from the time of your great-grandparents. Or use the relief or the neon light, to make the snapshot only shadowy. And that you can with the frame then combine with AMCap created a very individual image. You can make the download AMCap here from our site by clicking on the corresponding button.

Features of AMCap:

• Video capture program
• Creates images from a wide variety of video sources
• Supports different image formats
• Ease of use
• Trial version
• Operating system: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP

About AMCap and the developer

AMCap is a development of Noel Danjou. Noel develops small programs around moving images and the use of cameras, especially webcams. Trial versions are available for all programs, daily or commercial professional use but requires the purchase of a license and to purchase a registered version.

Description of the version: AMCap

AMCap is a small application that makes possible the recording of videos and pictures with almost any image source friends. You can film your webcam and show you the intake in AMCap. Here you can make easily individual taking options such as brightness, contrast, or compensate for a backlight shot over the program. Also a recording of the video in black and white is possible with AMCap!

Interesting features of the AMCap video recording solution

• Video recording and playback
• Works with different cameras, and even webcams
• Individual images in formats such as .bmp, .jpg, or .png possible

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