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Music recordings with the amazing slow Downer can speed up or slow down.



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Amazing Slow Downer

Music professionals will know it: pictures that were copied over several "generations" analog capture devices such as tape recorders, cassette recorders, can sometime have an incorrect playback speed. This is due to the fact, that analog recording technique depends on the voltage and works with engines, wheels, gears, and other mechanical components, which, may be worn out, worn out or simply incorrect depending on the quality and maintenance -. So are shots that can be heard too fast or too slow to run. With the amazing slow Downer you will correct such recordings.

With the amazing slow Downer, you can slow down the speed of recording up to eighty percent or accelerate to up to one hundred percent. The speed with the amazing slow Downer is controlled by using a slider. You can specify this software up on one-hundredth of a recording should run as fast. With the amazing slow Downer you are also capable of, regardless of their speed to change the pitch of a recording. This is usually in the restoration of old recordings not of concern, but it may be particularly useful for musicians. If you so want to rehearse a piece of music, you can slow down its pace with the amazing slow Downer, at the same time making sure that the pitch is not changed.

The amazing slow Downer has a number of very valuable tools: a selection function that allows to mark exactly excerpts from music files in seconds and frames, a control for the speed of the recording, as well as a controller for their pitch count these in addition to the built-in media player with 7-band equalizer and title display. You can adjust exactly the latter with the amazing slow Downer to on a hundredths of a semitone. Try it out yourself and now the trial version free download feature on this page download.

What can the amazing slow Downer:

• Change of pace - 80% to + 100%
• Change the pitch, in semitones and cents
• Supports MP3, WAV, WMA, and FLAC
• Running Windows 98
• Files are processed in real time and
• Media Player included

Amazing slow Downer and Roni Music

Roni Music, the developers of the program, specialise in the development of sound software. In addition to some MIDI programs is the amazing slow Downer the most important product in the offer of the software company. The amazing slow Downer is a program for purists who pass on the function of an expensive audio suite can or want to. A trial version of the amazing slow Downer can be downloaded for free, is however only the first two pieces of a CD or the first quarter of an audio file.

Description of the version: Amazing Slow Downer

If it was always your dream to change the speed of your favorite music, you should see be sure once the new amazing slow Downer. You can increase now even the speed of music without changing at the same time the pitch, which would otherwise cause unpleasant distortion of your pieces. And now finally also MP4 files are supported from the Apple store.

The main features of the new amazing slow Downer

• Change the speed of the music of 20 to 200 percent
• Manipulation of the speed without changing the pitch
• Pitch can be adjusted in increments of one hundredth
• Real-time processing of changes
• Support for MP3, WAV, WMA, Ogg, FLAC, MP4 and AAC/M4A

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