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With Allway Sync you have an excellent software for professional data matching.



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Allway Sync

With Allway Sync are your data, graphs, and tables always up to date. Especially if you work on different computers at home and at the Office, reduced Allway Sync your work enormously.

Allway Sync solves the problem that not all files that you need are available in the latest version for you. With this software, folder you are located for example, on your home computer with folders on your laptop or office computers are permanently reconciled and synchronized. Set for just folder pairs and with one click, your changes and taken over.

Use Allway Sync your MP3 files to organize. Avoid duplicate files and make sure that you immediately can play new music on the laptop as well as on the PC. A mobile calibration is completed, by you on your USB - stick the software or install your external hard drive. The data is then automatically update you while they move. The selection of the folders and drives that you want to synchronize is not confined to two. The extent in which your data is updated, you can use Allway Sync easily adapt your personal requirements. Decide that only certain types of files are to be processed or choose your settings so that the ur files are not overwritten and you for a later revision available. You can also the "direction" in which synchronizes with Allway Sync determine. You need to identify only the folder as the source and the destination folders.

Made data matching are all edited files for you in an overview of the available. Allway Sync distinguish here between new, unchanged, and completed files.
Loading your Allway Sync software for free here at us down. Just click on the download - button and be always up to date.

Description of the version: Allway Sync

The most striking renewal and improvement in the Allway Sync version is the possible match between more than two computers at the same time. In addition, the software for you now as a mobile - application is available. In addition to the synchronization with a mobile storage medium is also a comparison possible with FTP - servers. In contrast to its predecessors, you can update up to 40,000 files free in a month. For private use, this is perfectly adequate.

The most important innovations and improvements of Allway Sync

• Up to 40,000 files in the month
• Free use
• Manual and automatic calibration possible
• Mobile - app
• Use with FTP - servers
• Mobile synchronization

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