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AllNetic working time tracker offers you everything that you need for your effective time management.



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AllNetic Working Time Tracker

AllNetic working time Tracker is an interesting, new program that can assist you in your project management. You have this always in sight, how far individual projects are progressed, how much time has been invested, and how long it will still take until the projects are completed. AllNetic working time tracker gives you an overview of multiple, parallel projects and gives you better control. AllNetic working time Tracker is suitable outstanding for the planning and implementation of projects and their time management. If you can recognize early, how long you need for the completion of a specific task or a customer project, it is easier you, to adapt, to manage more effectively and optimize work processes. With this software, you have a tool at hand that can give you a real advantage over your competitors. This little helper will be soon no longer thinking away from your work. Him try and right here from the page download, by clicking on the download button.

Time management is an important issue at the present time, and therefore the benefits should not be underestimated by AllNetic working time tracker. AllNetic working time Tracker allows you to issue invoices, based on the actual, exact working hours.

Cataloging the working hours for a project by letting start AllNetic working time tracker with your work computer. AllNetic working time tracker then collects the duration of the work to you and summarizes the data in a report.

Other features of AllNetic working time Tracker:

• Your own time counter for each task
• Unlimited number of projects
• Automatic tracking
• Automatic backup
• Runs in the tray
• Weekly and monthly analysis

The developers of AllNetic working time tracker

The time management software AllNetic working time Tracker is designed by the manufacturer of AllNetic and since 2004 available. It thus looks back on a long history of development and could better adapt to the needs of its users AllNetic working time tracker. The developer team is eager to introduce new features that further simplify time management. The program is distributed under a free license, and is therefore free of charge. AllNetic working time Tracker is compatible with all your Windows operating system (Win95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP).

Description of the version: AllNetic Working Time Tracker

AllNetic working time tracker 3.0 (beta-version) offers a useful basis for the effective time planning and calculation. It allows you, numerous projects and tasks, on the basis of priorities, to list and gives you a better overview of the amount of time for each task itself or compared. So he proves especially ideal for a more accurate analysis of daily, weekly or yearly tasks, generally to optimize the use of own time and to make operations more efficient.

Overview of the most important advantages of AllNetic working time tracker

• Ideal application for a clear view for projects
• automatic and manual stop and pause of as many parallel work
• Subclassing and Hierarchisieren the tasks to be completed
• provides an effective and accurate time estimations
• in 14 languages available

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