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All marble offers fun for young and old with different coloured balls and special gems.



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Alles Murmel

All marble is a puzzle game of a special kind. For each player, this globular pleasure is suitable and easy to perform. The rules are not very difficult, and the principle is relatively simple. It applies in all marbles, five marbles of the same color in a row to bring and that by moving only one bullet per train. The way from the starting point to the destination must be blocked in all marble, otherwise the road is virtually closed, and you are not through. The series is complete, she will disappear from the game board, and you get points for that. If you make multiple rows when all marbles in successive trains, you'll even multiples of points. The making of the series is complicated you however, by suddenly without warning new balls appear, you need to include in your game. Thus the number of possible and meaningful moves in all marbles are getting smaller and smaller, and it applies to survive as only possible so long. If you reach a high score at the end, you can compete with other players, who must first beat your high score.

You can play all marbles both at home and during breaks at the Office. Your highscore is automatically saved when you close the program when suddenly the boss with new tasks is waiting for you. The game of all marble is absolutely non-violent and thus is suitable for all ages. This even logical mind is trained, and your kids can train easily so. All marble is so easy to learn that you don't even read the game instructions before beginning. The difficulty is this flexible changeable. Various special gems change finally the gameplay and provide more variety. The propeller swirls messed up all the tiles, and the multiplier increases your score.

You can download the trial version of all marble here free with us. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of all marble Popper:

• Match colored marbles to a series.
• Don't always a ball per turn.
• Increase your points through several ranks.
• Compete with other players in the highscore.
• Play without any violence.
• Let surprise you from the various special stones.

The history of all marble Popper:

All marble Popper game was programmed by the developers at Lobstersoft and is up-to-date in the current issue. The idea behind the game was to create a brainteaser for young and old, can have any fun. The trial version of the game can be extended to the full version for sale.

Description of the version: Alles Murmel

With the computer game of all marble, you can even take a short break or hours figure: you must bring at least five marbles of same color in a row, make them disappear and points will be credited. With special token, such as the propeller or the paint bucket, you can bring a breath of fresh air in the game. The software is suitable for Windows 95, 98, 98SE, me, 2000, NT, XP, 2003 and Vista.

The games software of all marbles in the near future:

• Logical color game with marbles to points
• Numerous special token
• Download and install on your PC quickly and easily
• Compatible with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, me, 2000, NT, XP, 2003 and Vista

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