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AllDup searches, finds and deletes duplicate files that consume disk space unnecessarily.



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With the freeware program AllDup duplicate files on your computer can be easily detected and deleted on request - so you think your hard drive free of superfluous and space-consuming data.

AllDup is a useful helper when it comes to keeping the hard drive clean: especially for large storage media it is common, that you lose the track and double saves files. Also some programs to occupy valuable space twice by installation or update error. AllDup saves you the task tedious having to scour your hard disk after file duplicates: using the software, you can browse the entire hard disk or just certain directories after twice saved images, MP3s, or other files. You may choose certain criteria which the search is to take place. Using a filter, you can also determine whether some file types should generally be excluded from the search. Even packed files in RAR or ZIP format are not a problem for AllDup and searchable.

To prevent accidental deletion, you can set with AllDup that detected duplicates are first moved to the Recycle Bin or a backup folder specified by you - so you can check the files found again thoroughly before you finally get it.

The double files found are displayed in a clear tree structure, a direct preview of each file is possible from the program - so you can see exactly what it is in the tracked data. The search results can be easily saved or exported to a text file. An Internet Updater ensures that the program always on the last level is.

Description of the version: AllDup

In version 3.3, AllDup offers a number of improvements compared to previous versions. Now, you can save search results in larger numbers. The context menu of the program expanded to some options, so for example folder from the Clipboard can be added. Also the file manager has been supplemented with new functions, also it has eliminated several small bugs and optimized the program generally - column sorting in the search results take substantially less time.

The current version of AllDup offers these new features

• Revised context menu with new options
• File Manager with new features
• Reduce time required to sort the search results
• Minor bugs have been fixed
• Diverse optimizations have been made

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