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The new all sound recorder Vista offers you everything you need to enjoy music.



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All Sound Recorder Vista

Mind also the background noise of the music recordings from your childhood? With the new all sound recorder Vista can you upgrade any time now old recordings and store them even in HD quality. The new recording program all sound recorder Vista supports all popular music formats such as MP3 or WMA. The recorder comes with a variety of features and thus offers the modern equipment for impressive sound. Of all sound recorder Vista makes you a recording specialists and gives you new Prestige. Your friends will be impressed.

You can easily and quickly download sound recorder Vista the new all and only with one click install on your computer. The user-friendly interface of all sound recorder Vista allows even the absolute beginner to record quality. You need no prior knowledge. A recording Wizard that pops up at the start, brings you quickly and reliably through the setting mask. Also a lot of help tags in all sound recorder are you Vista available. This and a lot more allows you easy and makes you a pro overnight.

You are planning a birthday party or a summer party? Your new all sound recorder Vista lets you download the latest music titles and persist. The new all sound recorder Vista brings not only the possibility of recording in HD quality, but also a high-quality player and many other useful functions. You can equip all of your old recordings, which are often irreplaceable with new sound quality and create so a whole new musical enjoyment. Or surprise but your parents time with newly revised private footage from her youth. You will be impressed.

The new all sound recorder Vista at a glance:

• Digital signal processing
• Possibility of recording in HD quality
• Built-in player with playlist
• User friendly interface
• Support of many music formats
• Easy installation

System requirements for the current all sound recorder Vista

You need for the new all sound recorder Vista the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system and a processor with at least a 300-megahertz frequency. On other operating systems is the full functioning of all sound recorder Vista is not guaranteed. Your computer should have a memory of at least 64 megabytes and a free disk space of at least 5 megabytes. You will also need still a full-duplex sound card.

Description of the version: All Sound Recorder Vista

In this version there are some bug fixes, that support the software in their run.

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