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The first-person shooter alien arena 2011 you to a very special and exciting game invites.



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Alien Arena 2011

The new version of the futuristic first person shooter alien arena 2011 promises lots of fun and variety. So, it is based on the CRX game engine and is a blend of various other genre representatives. In addition the retro-SciFi theme.

If you enjoy shooting games, you will have much fun on alien arena 2011. On the game play, little has changed in the new version. The focus is still on fast-paced action. The new and improved graphics alien can keep up with 2011 arena definitely with his representatives of the genre. So the new version resembles always is still the platform of the shooter game Quake. Because eventually both games from the Springs by COR entertainment. A special highlight is the simulation of the aliens and characters by using the so-called open Dynamics physic engine. In addition you can now use the TrueType fonts for messages, to communicate with your team-mates.

You will encounter in the game varied opponents and numerous new weapons. The story is nothing to sneeze at. Alien is also arena 2011 in single - and multiplayer play. As well, seven various game modes such as deathmatch, capture the flag, team deathmatch, deathball steamer, etc. are you in an exciting alien scenery available. You can choose between eleven different characters in character. All characters are decorated in the typical sci-fi-retro-look. Another highlight of the game is the availability of more than 40 different maps.

Also in the new version the game controls not changed and remains as simple and self-explanatory. On the system requirements you should have 2000, win XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 at least the operating system win.

Description of the version: Alien Arena 2011

In the new version of alien arena 2011 do you play in the usual sci-fi world and fight against dangerous aliens. The graphics it has been greatly improved in the new version and now based on the open Dynamics physics engine. Also new are the different game modes, such as deathball steamer, deathmatch, and many more. The characters have changed a bit. So are you eleven different characters available. As well as 40 different maps and new weapons.

Overview of the tools and features of alien arena 2011

• Single - and multiplayer mode
• 7 different game modes
• New graphics: open Dynamics physic engine
• Messages using TrueType fonts
• 40 different exciting maps
• 11 different characters

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